Shooting games on the PC or mobile platform are always loved by many players and the first choice to experience. It can be seen that the drama brings impressive actions in every shooting game that makes players feel like a hero even for a moment. In this article, we will introduce you to 5 shooting games that cannot be missed at the present time. Hopefully, it will help you find a suitable name to choose immediately to enjoy.

Dead Trigger 2

When it comes to the shooting game series, it is impossible not to mention the name Dead Trigger 2 is extremely familiar to the player’s community worldwide. This is a shooting genre game combined with a creepy Zombies element that promises to bring you to endless battles with a built-in gun. You will have to help your character survive at any cost if you want to win each level. Thereby, coordinate well with your teammates to destroy all Zombies before they can reach and kill your life in an instant.

Dead Trigger 2 is also equipped with a first perspective to help players get a close-up view of fierce battles with the Zombies army. In addition, this game has been improved a lot in terms of graphics, making the display quality better than the previous version. In addition, the game screen has also been expanded to allow players to easily explore every corner of the map quickly.

BlackShot M: Gears

If you are looking for a game that can allow you to compete with other competitors around the world, try BlackShot M: Gears now. This is a kind of shooting game with relatively simple gameplay with extremely diverse tactical elements that promise not to make you feel disappointed right from the first time you experience. Each battle in the game requires players to control their characters appropriately while using flexible equipment to bring about certain advantages for themselves. Besides, you can also upgrade equipment to help the character become stronger than the next fierce battle.

Currently, the game has 2 main game modes: 4vs4 PvP and Team Death Match with the duration of each game going on in about 5 minutes in real time. In general, BlackShot M: Gears is a mobile FPS game with a special system that allows you to customize your role in the team.

Standoff 2

Standoff 2 is a sequel to many popular namesake shooters all over the world. This game is still exploiting the context from the endless battle between the task force and terrorist forces through the first view is extremely intuitive and lively. This game is inspired by the famous shooting games on PC so you can understand the controls and game rules after only a relatively short time. In addition, in this new version, you will be fighting in a completely new environment and using the unique built-in weapons system, thereby enjoying the exciting new game modes that the game brings.

In addition, the first-person shooter game Standoff 2 is also designed with extremely beautiful graphics that bring players to the dramatic gun battle screen as much as other popular FPS games on the PC. If you are bored with the familiar shooting games such as Hit, Haft Life, Standoff 2 will be a great alternative for you.

Sniper vs Thieves

As its name suggests, Sniper vs Thieves allows players to choose between two sniper and robbery factions to create intense fighting screens throughout the game experience. For example, when selected as snipers, the player will be placed on the roof of a high-rise building with the task of using a sniper rifle to destroy all the thieves below in order that they can not reach the black car and escape easily. It can be seen that this is not a new game style compared to other games of the same genre, but with the character image and the scene is designed to fun and colorful, Snipers vs Thieves is also very worth to experience.

If you want a new sniper experience, you should download this game to your phone to enjoy immediately.


The last game that I want to introduce to you in this article is Respawnables – a great FPS shooting game on a mobile platform. The game possesses many attractive game modes like Online and Offline shooting modes, allowing players to easily choose according to their preferences.

For Offline mode, the player will have 185 missions to be able to entertain and you will also earn money in this mode for the purchase of your favorite weapons easily. In addition, you can collaborate with your friends in Online mode and fight with other opponents around the world. With what the game brings, Respawnables lets you unleash endless battles and enjoy great moments of entertainment throughout the experience.

In addition, you can easily experience the above fascinating games by clicking on the corresponding links below this article. What are you waiting for? Install and enjoy now.