Racing game series not only gives players the excitement during the experience process but also brings choking moments on the track that make it impossible for you to take your eyes off the phone screen when playing games. But to choose a racing game that can do that is relatively difficult because in the game market today there are many racing-style games but still can’t do satisfied players when enjoying. Therefore, in this article, we will help you score some of the most popular racing games of the moment.

Asphalt 9: Legends

At the top of this list is a name that is no longer strange to gamers worldwide. Asphalt series occupy the player’s trust with improvements through each version, along with a great upgrade that makes it never obsolete compared to the development of the game market. The games of the Asphalt series all possess extremely beautiful graphics along with extremely attractive gameplay will definitely not make you feel disappointed right from the first time you experience. Most recently, two versions of Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt 9: Legends have been storming for a long time, they proved to be outstanding in many respects compared to the same genre games that made this series of games become more and more famous.

Participating in the game, you will enjoy the extremely attractive and dramatic car racing through the integrated race that promises to bring you the wonderful experience moments right on your phone. If you are a person with an intense passion for speed, you should not ignore the presence of the hit series of Asphalt games on the market today.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted is also considered one of the extremely popular racing games in the present time. It has also been developed through various versions to help players easily make the most appropriate choice when experiencing. This is a series of games developed by the well-known EA publisher, it is built based on the style of street racing that will definitely give you a very exciting but no-less racing atmosphere. The highlight of the game is the relatively diverse racing system along with many challenges waiting for you to enjoy, what are you waiting for? Try downloading the game and experience the intense racing moments that the game brings right away.

Hill Climb Racing

Different from the two games above, Hill Climb Racing still focuses on exploiting the racing theme but is developed in a simplified style to help players not put too much emphasis on having to win but still feel interesting during the game experience. In Hill Climb Racing, players will race with rivals in the mountains with very high slopes, sounding simple but actually when playing it is not like that. You can also customize your media to make it easier to win and to match specific gameplay. In addition, this game owns extremely simple graphics, accompanied by a harmonious layout in color that promises to make you feel satisfied right from the first time you enjoy. Overall, this game is quite light and can be played stably on low-profile devices.

Beach Buggy Racing

If you’re tired of racing in bustling and busy streets, try Beach Buggy Racing. When participating in the game, players will race on the coast with dizzying speed, thereby destroying obstacles obstructing themselves on the road such as god statues, giant crabs, grass tents, lava monsters, even snowmen. This will help players always feel excited during the game enjoy.

In addition, you can both race and discover the sunny beach with extremely lively and beautiful scenery that promises to always make players feel as excited as possible. The game also brings a lot of diverse screens such as secret caves, mist swamps, volcanic eruptions, dilapidated temples … to help you rotate and change when you experience.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the last game in this synthesis. This is one of the racing genre games loved by many people around the world today. It is directly developed by the well-known EA publisher, so Real Racing 3 always incorporates the advantages and highlights compared to other games of the same genre. Graphics of the game is designed extremely beautifully with a smooth transition effect that gives players the feeling of vivid and attractive experience right on their phones.

In addition, Real Racing 3 also gives players real racing tracks with many different obstacles that will definitely give you the excitement during the game experience. With more than 100 unique style cars built in, this will make it easy for players to choose a suitable vehicle to accompany them in difficult stages. If you are in need of a game that can help you enjoy the thrilling racing moments, Real Racing 3 will be not a bad choice.

Above are some racing games that are rated the best in the present time. Have you chosen a name to experience yet? Download the game and enjoy now.