Perhaps we are no longer strange to Lucky Patcher – one of the applications that many players around the world love because of the attractive features that it owns. It is a multi-function application that allows mobile devices or tablets to perform in-app hacking via root, which will help eliminate all extremely annoying ads. As a player, you can feel the best experience when playing your favorite games on the phone. However, to be able to use this application is not a simple thing at all. In this article, we will help you better understand how to use and manually MOD favorite games through the Custom Patch feature available in this application.

Is it dangerous to use Lucky Patcher?

Basically, the use of Lucky Patcher is completely valid with the features of application cloning, backup, … But it will not be valid with the use of other tools such as purchase hacks, change of application structure, .. and the use of Lucky Patcher can also lead to risks. Therefore, whether to use it or not and the purpose of use is entirely dependent on the user.

Steps to use Lucky Patcher

The first thing you need to do is download and install the application via the APK link integrated below this article. Then allow the device to install unknown applications to complete the installation process.

Note, your device needs to be rooted earlier if you want to use this application.

Next is how to use the Lucky Patcher application

Step 1: Go to Lucky Patcher, wait for the download to complete the application in your system.

Step 2: Choose an application you want to crack (remember this application must have a new copyright license).

Step 3: Choose Open Menu Of Patches below the screen.

Step 4: In the menu, select Custom Patch.

Step 5: Select Auto Modes (automatic crack mode) or Manually (specified crack mode). Here I choose the MOD Money patch for Temple Run 2.

After selecting the patch, press Patch.

The application will ask again, select Apply.

Step 6: Wait for the crack to finish, you turn off Lucky Patcher and go to the application (maybe crack will not succeed with some software and games).

In general, the way to use this application is relatively simple and suitable for many ages of users. You only need to pay attention to a few operations as well as observe the instructions to be able to master for a short period of time.

Some colors to note when using Lucky Patcher

After installing Lucky Patcher, open up will have a list of software in the machine, depending on the application and the ability of Lucky Patcher the name of the application will have different colors:

– Green: The application has a License Verification corresponding to a very high Patch rate, press and hold down and select “Remove License Verification” to use.

– Gold: Using a separate Patch package, press and hold and select Custom Patch.

– Blue: the application has Ads by Google, press and hold and then select “Remove Google Ads”.

– Red: Cannot Patch or nothing to Patch.

– Purple: The application is in the startup list.

– Orange: system application, be cautious when handling these applications.

How to determine which games can apply the Custom Patch feature

Custom Patch is one of the most outstanding features integrated into Lucky Patcher, so it receives a lot of popularity from users. However, it is not so that this feature can be applied to all applications or games around the world. After starting, Lucky Patcher, you will see all the applications and games installed directly on the screen. Remember only applications with the words “Custom Patch Available” can apply this feature.

How to use the Custom Patch feature

The first step you need to take is to open the game first so that data can be written to the phone memory because this feature is based on editing the data stored on the phone memory.

Next, to start Custom Patch, from the Lucky Patcher interface, click on the application that needs MOD -> Menu of Patches. After that, select Custom Patch in the menu.

Depending on the needs of each user, you can MOD any game or application through different patches. After selecting the patch panel, click the Patch button on the screen and select Apply now to complete the MOD process.

Finally, you only need to log in to the game or app to enjoy your results right away.

The great uses that Lucky Patcher brings

This is truly an amazing application that any user around the world needs. It will help you a lot during the game or application experience, this will help you feel extremely excited to enjoy. Typically, the elimination of all ads on the phone device to help players do not encounter interruption or discomfort when playing games.

In addition, Lucky Patcher can remove copyright checks from applications or modify application permissions through a few very simple operations. In general, you can use some other extremely interesting features such as Google Play Mode Settings, delete Davilk – cache, create .apk application mods, Backup apps … and many interesting things waiting Waiting for you in this application. What are you waiting for? Quickly download Lucky Patcher application and start changing everything in the games that you love right now.