Publisher End Game
Size 100M
Latest Version 2.4.1
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 7.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Welcome to APK – a war for the survival of 100 players to win you need to become the ultimate survivors in each game screen. Since built in the style gameplay IO should be minimalist game went pretty much, promises to bring moments of the extremely new experience for players. The game was developed by the publisher End Game – they are not so prominent in the gaming market today. is a typical example, it is quite thorough care about the image and style of play possession, certainly will not make you feel frustrated when experience. In this article, we will help readers better understand the characteristics that own this game.

Specific Context

What if you were taken to a deserted island with other players? Do not worry, will help you get great relaxation moments through what it brings. You will still participate in a fierce battle in the game, however, it is simplified to help players do not feel too stressed when the experience. The player will be given a flying boat to the island, you have to select the appropriate dropping place to get the advantage of the head to the opponent. Overall, the scene brings quite similar to other survival games but possesses new innovative features that will make the player feel very excited. How about you? Ready to join this fascinating battle by downloading games and enjoying immediately?

Select game modes offers a variety of game modes that players can easily choose to experience. You can choose the Solo mode to play against 99 other people, this mode will help players become free and can do everything to win. You are alone and everyone on the map is the enemy. Be very rational manipulation and help her character to become the last surviving public immediately.

Going to Duo mode, players will be able to join the fight with a friend or randomly combine with a new comrade. You need to incorporate real food ideas with him to be able to help each other in difficult situations. Each level will be a decisive battle, you are ready to destroy all enemies on the map yet. In addition, is also equipped with modes such as Squad, Zombies, 50vs50, … each mode will bring a new experience for players, you can alternate between the modes to play feeling boring throughout the game experience. Note, your device needs to be connected to the internet to be able to play games.

Manipulation controls easy to understand

As a game built in the traditional io style, the control system in is quite simple. You will be provided with buttons fairly characterized as steering wheel virtual, Shoot gun, Parachuting … they are integrated inside the screen experience to help players can quickly get used and manipulated mature in a short period of time.

Deserving award

After each battle, you will receive a corresponding amount to purchase the necessary equipment in the game. brings an extremely diverse character system, which will allow players to select a suitable character for companionship during the game. In addition, if you log on to the game every day, you can receive special gifts from the game.

Cartoon style image

The graphics quality in the game is built in the familiar cartoon style, which is quite suitable for a game that has simple gameplay. Players can enjoy the game in a very animated way thanks to the carefully polished details of the form combined with the smooth transition effect, will definitely make you can not take your eyes off the screen during the game experience. In addition, you can also enjoy a stable game through low-profile devices.

I can list some of the modes that you can join when you playing The three main modes of the game are similar to PUBG Mobile, including:

  • Solo: the traditional mode where you have to fight all alone to be the last survivor (up to 100 people).
  • Duo: Same with Solo, but you are paired with a friend or any online player on a system.
  • Squad: Assemble each team of 4 players, requiring you to coordinate well with your teammates to win.

The above modes evaluate players on the ranking system. Try to be one of the best players. After each of the Seasons, you will receive a reward corresponding to your rank. In addition, the game also has a number of modes such as:

  • Zombies: Fight off zombies. Absolutely do not let them come near you otherwise you will be infected (they will be stronger at night).
  • 50vs50: Special mode. I find this mode very humorous and chaotic. If you feel that 4 people are not enough, try a team with 50 players.
  • Building: Build a base and attack the enemy base.

The end

If are your favorite genre of traditional subsistence mixed some new improvements, the would be a reasonable choice of infinity in the present time. The game has fairly straightforward gameplay, but it still makes the player feel incredibly enthralled by the experience. In addition, the sound quality and style of the graphics built in the game are well invested, promising to bring new wind and help become one of the most “hot” games show now on.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download MOD APK or Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.