Name Zombie Royale
Publisher Ketchapp
Size 97M
Latest Version 1.1
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Recently, survival shooting games are being exploited vigorously. This is a pretty new topic, but it is extremely attractive for fans of horror action games. Some products of this category such as Last Day on Earth: Survival or Left to Survive have attracted the experience of many players in the world and achieved remarkable achievements. In addition, we can not help but mention Zombie Royale (MOD, Unlimited Money) released by Ketchapp – who was dubbed the king of simple games. The game will take players to the fierce and brutal battle with the creepy Zoombie zombies. Your mission is to use the available guns to destroy them and save your own life. This survival gameplay is often found in many other products on the market but it is expressed in a more interesting and unique way. Find out about it now for more details.

The familiar context

Starting the game with the first level, players will witness the scene full of scary and hungry zombies in a colorful field. And this is where your battle takes place and ends. Players need to fight to destroy the zombies appear on the road with guns that are loaded bullet available. The game does not require you to kill all the zombies in each level, instead, you need to move skillfully to avoid them touching your body and only shoot them when needed. Why? Because players can use different guns with limited ammunition in each level. Therefore, players should know how to save bullets reasonably in order to protect their lives in later situations. Note, behind the scary scene that you have to fight is the destination of victory and safety. And in particular, when winning each level, players will receive a worthy reward, which is valuable gold coins.

Fight with the first viewing angle

Unlike some popular survival products on the market, Zombie Royale brings the control system through the first viewing angle. The first viewing angle does not allow the player to observe the view comprehensively, but instead, the player can focus on what happens in front of the eyes clearly. This is perfectly consistent with the gameplay that the game offers. The character of the game will move forward with a certain speed while the zombies will move in the opposite direction towards the character. Therefore, players will be able to reflex on left or right quickly and easily through the first view. This special feature helps to minimize the control system to bring the necessary simplicity. Since then, the game offers a truly unique and different experience for players compared to other games.

Unlock new weapons

The game brings weapons systems with a variety of guns that have different firing speed and bulletproof pockets. Using each of the different types of guns gives the player unique advantages in the battle process. For example, the P912 gun has a slow rate of fire and the ammunition bag has only 18 bullets, the vector gun has a fast firing rate and has 32 bullets … In addition, other guns like Scar-l, M416, pistol, … have countless bullets loaded. To unlock new and more powerful guns, players need to use gold coins to buy them. Therefore, try to destroy zombies and win to collect gold coins during the battle and at the end of each level. Not only create more advantages than regular guns, but high-end guns will also give players the necessary excitement during long-term experience on the phone or tablet screen.

Many interesting levels

When you experience Zombie Royale, players will be fighting at different levels. That means if you want to play the next screen, the player needs to win the previous level. If during the move, the player touches any zombies before they can shoot it, the game will stop. If you lose at any level, the player will redo it from the beginning or choose to see the ad available to continue the game. High levels will bring more difficulties to the player’s experience. Specifically, the number of zombies will increase significantly and they also move at a faster rate. Therefore, the game requires reflexive ability and observation from the player if you want to win multiple levels. In addition, to create advantages for difficult stages, players should use gold coins to buy the right guns because they will help a lot for you.

The end

While the market has many famous survival games, Zombie Royale still proves its attraction to players. Evidence that it has achieved 4.7 / 5 rating points on the App Store application from users and many positive feedback comments. The horror action game brings a constant thrill and frightening feeling to players when they experience it. Along with that, the game takes place at a fast pace also contributes to creating excitement. However, the gameplay and the control system is quite simple that will help players focus on fierce fighting with scary zombies. Overall, this is a pretty successful product by Ketchapp that helps to continue the reputation of this talented publisher in the field of electronic entertainment.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Zombie Royale MOD APK or Zombie Royale Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.