Name World Truck Driving Simulator
Publisher Dynamic Games
Size 32M
Latest Version 1,097
Platforms Android 5.0+
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Simulation games are gaining in popularity on the mobile platform, players will be immersed into the characters they want and experience the game in the most vivid. Some successful titles such as Fallout Shelter or Asphalt 9, are becoming popular in every country in the world. Recently, the publisher of the famous game Dynamic Games from Portugal has launched the game World Truck Driving Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money). This is a driving simulation game, promising to bring players a sense of fun as compared to the same game genre. The game is currently available on both Android and iOS, with capacities ranging from only 27MB (which will add up when the experience is available). If you want to control a car but do not know where to start, the World Truck Driving Simulator will be a bad choice at all.

Experience automobile drivers

Transportation is a necessity for every person. And now, cars are trending around the world, because of the ability to move quickly and conveniently. If you do not have enough money to own it, or have not had the experience to control the World Truck Driving Simulator will help you do that. Players will be hand holding the steering wheel and control your car on the beautiful roads, it’s great, does not it?

Method of control

Like other driving simulator games, World Truck Driving Simulator is a simple but extremely addictive game. Players will enjoy the feeling of being a driver, to control a variety of vehicles moving across the road integrated into the game. Before starting the car, players should adjust the two mirrors on the side of the car to be able to observe the situation, avoid the accident. The cockpit of the car is integrated like a car in real life, the steering wheel will be placed on the left side of the screen for easy control. The same is the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal, which is located on the right of the screen, everything is ready to help you get a great experience in the World Truck Driving Simulator.

Complete mission

When involved in traffic, the task of the player is to always focus on driving, because only a moment of uncontrolled you will cause a serious accident to others as well as yourself. Obey traffic rules such as stopping red lights, which will help you to be accountable to others and not be caught by the police. Players should always observe the rearview mirror when they want to accelerate, or over other cars to get the necessary safety. The World Truck Driving Simulator is visually displayed on the game screen, so it does not take too long to get used to the way the car moves.

Special points game brought

World Truck Driving Simulator provides players with many new generation vehicles, but they are all trucks with great weight. Make sure you drive the car as carefully as possible, to learn more about driving. The game offers a variety of maps and terrain, making the user experience as secure as possible. You can control your car traveling on large terrain like fields, and listen to your favorite music to enjoy the peaceful country atmosphere. Or the cities are full of vehicles, all bring the most innovative and lively style.

Dynamic design

The graphics of the game are integrated into a live 3D format, the details of the game are focused on the image for high definition. With the advanced graphics that the World Truck Driving Simulator delivers, it requires your device to be configured to the minimum to experience the game smoothly.

The end

If you are a simulator enthusiast, especially a driving simulator, World Truck Driving Simulator is a completely worthwhile game. The game will give you more knowledge and experience in driving, along with high-end graphics that will surely make the player feel good.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK or World Truck Driving Simulator Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.