Name West Legends
Publisher Taihe Games
Size 97M
Latest Version 1.1.1
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


West Legends (APK) is a 3Vs3 MOBA action role-playing game, bringing players to an incredibly exciting battle set in the American West. You will be able to enjoy the classic shoot gun battle scenes during the turmoil while fighting to win worthy bonuses as true cowboys. The game was developed by publisher Taihe Games, and this is also the first product of they named West Legends. Well-crafted in terms of visuals and appealing gameplay will definitely make you feel good right after the experience. If you are looking for a game to entertain yourself over the weekend, then West Legends will be a good choice. Let’s explore the highlights that this game brings.

Traditional MOBA style

Just like the games of the same genre, West Legends allows players to engage in endless battles and try to win to get valuable items. You will have to choose a character suitable to enjoy this battle, then use the very agile operation to destroy opponents quickly. The game brings 15 different characters, which are integrated in terms of skill and appearance so players can easily choose. In the next update, the number of characters will be increased to bring the quality the experience exciting. You can download the game directly from the APK link below the article, to have your own character in West Legends.

Once ready, the player will be taken to the battlefield to perform his or her challenge. The gameplay of West Legends is quite simple, the battle will take place in a certain time. If you want to win, you must score more points than your opponent. With a variety of game modes, it is possible to change the rotation when the experience does not feel boring. In addition, West Legends also offers a ranking mode, which allows players to claim their position by climbing to the top of the game’s leaderboard.

The system relatively rich character

Each of the generals in the game will own different weapons, so you can use their abilities to maximize the damage dealt. With multiple classes of characters such as gunner, gladiators, supporters,… players can easily choose a location suitable for themselves. Characters in the game do not possess many of the same skills as other MOBA games. West Legends brings minimalist necessary when equipped with the skills for each character. This will not take too long to operate, but still, feel the fun that the game brings.

The skills that will need to be activated are from the player, needing to accumulate enough energy by shooting or knocking down the opponent to use the skill. Note, the skill will need some time to reuse. This will make all your decisions, can directly affect the outcome of the game. You need to work properly and at the same time launch skills at the right time, to be able to determine the fate of opponents in the shortest time. In addition, West Legends also allows players to use the money they earn, to upgrade the hidden inside of the character. Make the right decision to help the general increase his power quickly, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in battle.

Relatively nice design

Although the graphics are not polished too much, West Legends still own quality display extremely beautiful. The game re-enacts the endless battle, with details designed in a very unique animated style, sure to make players fascinated right from the first experience.

Sounds extremely hilarious

Even though the battles in West Legends bring you the most exciting moments, these in-game sound system is fun to play, promising to ease the stress of the experience. Believe me, you will surely be enchanted this game in a short time.


In general, West Legends really bring out the differences compared to the same game on the market today. Players can join together with their friends in exciting and fun battles, which show cohesion by engaging in different modes of play such as team battles, scoring points. West Legends is available on both Appstore and Google Play, making it easy to download games and experience.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download West Legends MOD APK or West Legends Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.