Name Undead Nation: Last Shelter
Publisher DoubleUGames
Size 49M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Instant Kill


The games are built in the traditional Zombies style, perhaps no longer too strange for each of us. Most of these games offer very different gameplay, with clear visual quality that gives the player a real sense of life in the Zombies. Undead Nation: Last Shelter (MOD, Instant Kill) is also a very creative game, it will make you feel attracted to the first experience. With the incredibly eye-catching images and exciting curiosity of the players, promising to be the most anticipated product of 2018. DoubleUGames is the publisher who created this game, they have been pretty much Successful products on the market such as DoubleU Casino or DoubleU Bingo. With the breakthrough into a whole new genre, does this publisher make players around the world feel satisfied with Undead Nation: Last Shelter? Any questions will be answered through this article.

Land of the devil

Pandemic Zombies are raging all over the world, and humanity suffers many traumatic results. People cannot resist the strong attacks from the horrible Zombies, they possess extraordinary power and the ability to create new comrades by eating meat victims. The government was completely paralyzed and could not take concrete measures. Against this situation, you will have the task of gathering the same people around the world to fight for the protection of human safety. Undead Nation: Last Shelter will bring players to the devil’s land, which is said to be the hiding place of the Zombies. Are you ready to conquer the challenges that are waiting for you? Download the game and do it right away.

Destroy house

Undead Nation: Last Shelter has a relatively easy-to-understand context, where players will be taken to a deserted house to perform their mission. It will not be just a normal house, every room in the house contains dangerous threats. You have to be calm and make the right decisions to destroy everything that is in this house.

These child Zombies will wait in the house, you have to destroy them in turn to reach the position you want. The first challenge will be quite easy to help players quickly get used to playing Undead Nation: Last Shelter brings. In the next room, things will be more difficult than ever when you face a lot of fierce Zombies with many different shapes. Try to make the right strategy if you do not want to be reluctant prey in this game.

Use appropriate tactics

You will be in control of a group of members in Undead Nation: Last Shelter. Each character possesses different characteristics and survivability, which makes it easy for players to make choices that match their tactics. Undead Nation: Last Shelter offers a huge variety of missions, which will keep players entertained whenever they experience the game. You must complete all the challenges assigned in the game to become the winner.

Note, you must keep the formation throughout the process of performing the task. If any member is destroyed, your team will continue their journey until the mission is completed. Depending on the number of Zombies that have been destroyed, players will receive the corresponding amount of upgrades for the character and make them stronger in the next level. Pay attention to the level of each character in the party, helping them increase their attack or defense stats by accumulating experience through each level.

Graphic style horror

With the focus on the traditional Zombies theme, image quality is essential in the game. Undead Nation: Last Shelter owns extremely beautiful 3D graphics and transitions are described in a smoother manner to bring the game to life. You will enjoy the exciting screen battle between human and Zombies through the details are extremely successful portraiture promising not to disappoint the expectations of players around the world.


Possessing themselves the traditional charm that comes from the Zombies series game, Undead Nation: Last Shelter really impresses me with what the game brings. It will help you live in extremely stressful moments while on duty, thus breaking into the joy of destroying the entire Zombies and becoming the winner. If you are looking for a game that will help you to relieve the stress of your life, go to Undead Nation: Last Shelter to do that right now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Undead Nation: Last Shelter MOD APK or Undead Nation: Last Shelter Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.