Name Toca Kitchen Sushi
Publisher Toca Boca
Size 74M
Latest Version 1.1
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 8.0
Price $3.99
MOD Features No


Toca Kitchen Sushi APK + OBB is the latest simulation game from publisher Toca Boca. This is an educational game that allows parents to help their children participate to better understand the tools and important items of a true chef. In the game, your child will learn to slice the squid, sweet candy, roll everything into a piece of seaweed … to stimulate creativity and help him develop his intelligence throughout the process of enjoying. In addition to the children, Toca Kitchen Sushi will also be an extremely suitable choice for many players who are looking for a game with a simple gameplay to entertain in their free time. If you have been bored with familiar names like Cooking Craze or Run Race 3D, why not try this game right now?

Become a real chef

Have you ever thought of becoming a talented chef and making the dishes you have created? Everything in Toca Kitchen Sushi will be easier than ever when the cooking ingredients are available and you just need to touch the screen to process them quickly.

Toca Kitchen Sushi offers a variety of ingredients and tools needed to help players easily make special sushi that suits their taste. This will help you to create unique types of sushi that anyone in the world has never enjoyed. In addition, you also need to pay attention to customer reviews about the food you have created. It will help you perfect your sushi processing skills in the near future and quickly become a talented chef. Sometimes customers will be very difficult, so players need to try to meet their needs and make them feel as satisfied as possible when enjoying your food.

Processing special dishes

Join the game, you can choose any material and prepare everything on your own to make the dishes as delicious and unique as possible. Some of the important ways that you need to pay attention to the processing of food are slicing, frying, baking, cooking, mixing … Each method will require players to perform completely different stages, therefore you will have to have in-depth knowledge of cooking if you want to create great dishes for your customers.

In addition, you can also mix fish with shrimp and add flavor like mustard, tomato sauce … This shows that you can do anything with your ingredients. And finally for customers to enjoy and see their reaction to the food you cook. They may be happy to jump up or show dissatisfaction with the bad taste of the food you made.

Some notes to make a delicious dish

After completing any dish, your most important task is to decorate it. The creativity in your decor will determine everything related to this dish. Therefore, arrange the decoration items perfectly and create a perfect dish of quality and shape. Even, Toca Kitchen Sushi allows players to decorate dishes from extremely lovely stickers that are built in. You can do anything with your food and wait for customer feedback.

If you want all cooking stages to be done well, adjust the temperature in the pan and wait to see if the miracle will happen soon after. Use knives and cutting boards to cut ingredients or roll sushi easily. The main feature of the knife in the game is that it possesses very high sharpness so it can cut things like big fish or sausages in a split second.

To check the available ingredients, simply touch the refrigerator on the experience screen. It will help you see all the ingredients stored in it like rice, avocado, tuna, sugarcane candy, ginger, onion, tofu, shrimp, fresh meat, salmon, … With the number of ingredients provided Extremely diverse, Toca Kitchen Sushi will help you easily combine them to create extremely special dishes.

Beautiful and colorful 3D graphics

Although it is just a game for young players, the Toca Kitchen Sushi still integrates the quality of beautiful 3D graphics, which will make the details of the game come alive and bright more than ever. The raw materials for cooking food in the game that is designed closely to real life will surely bring you a feeling of closeness right from the first experience. In addition, the visual effects will be changed as you prepare food in different ways that promise to make you unable to take your eyes off your phone screen.


Toca Kitchen Sushi is truly a great mobile game and is suitable for many players, especially children. Like previous products, this game also focuses on the element of stimulating children’s imagination by providing very simple gameplay but still retaining the necessary fun throughout the experience process. The special thing is that this game is completely free and will not integrate any purchase options so you can rest assured that the children can play and be creative with the game.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Toca Kitchen Sushi MOD APK or Toca Kitchen Sushi Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.