Name The Wolf
Publisher Swift Apps
Size 85M
Latest Version 1.7.8
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features Free Shopping


Are you ready for a hunt in the wild world that The Wolf (MOD, Free Shopping) has brought? This is not only a normal simulation game but it also combines with traditional role-playing elements that promise to bring you great moments of experience right on your phone. Basically, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to previous versions from Swift Apps LTD publisher like The Tiger or The Cheetah but improved some new features will definitely not make you feel disappointed when experiencing. The Wolf is currently available on both Android and IOS operating systems, making it easy for players worldwide to easily access and download games. In this article, we will help you answer some of the game-related questions that are popular in these countries.


Coming to the game, you will be taken to the wild lands where no human appearances are. The player will directly transform into a lone wolf, your mission is to help your character to survive safely from the dangers of nature. Of course, players will be familiar with the daily life of a true wolf, thereby making attractive stalking and hunting weak prey present throughout the map. Overall, the context that The Wolf brings is quite special to help you quickly be attracted to its play immediately.

The interface is displayed quite intuitively

The main interface in The Wolf is designed quite simply but displayed relatively intuitive on the experience screen certainly will not make you take too much time to get acquainted. The controls in the game are integrated right on the game screen to help you control your character easily. The virtual steering wheel on the left side of the screen will be the main control action so that you can specify the wolf to move according to your preference. In addition, you can help your character unleash attacks or skills with the virtual button that is available on the right of the screen.

The character’s parameters are also one of the most important elements in The Wolf, so you should watch carefully to help your wolf not be in danger in situations that confront other animals. Pay attention to the map, it will be the main means to help you better understand the path in this game.

The exciting hunt

The new hunt is the most interesting thing this game brings to players. You will be able to control the wolf doing everything you like in The Wolf, help your character hunt for weak prey to have a big party right away. You just need to download the game via the link APK below, you can join the game and become a real wild beast to perform the exciting and extremely cruel hunting scenes.

Initially, players should only search for animals with small looks to help the hunt become easier and avoid facing the dangers that enemies bring. For example, finding small mice, mischievous rabbits or dangerous foxes is not a bad idea. The Wolf provides players with a relatively large map that allows you to move around without encountering any limits. This will help players feel free and experience the life of a true wild beast, show your bravery and become the most powerful wolf in this game right now.

Interact with other players

You will not be alone in this game, make friends and get to know other players around the world via the internet connection. This will help players to form a crowded gamer community and establish a united wolf pack to fight other opponents across the map. Overall, this is an extremely interesting feature from The Wolf, it will help players not feel lonely and depressed when experiencing the game for a long time.

In addition, The Wolf also allows players to upgrade their wolves to become stronger through the spoils earned after each hunt. Enjoy the moments of becoming a wild animal and do whatever you like in this game right now.

Image quality is not really excellent

The details in the game are portrayed relatively successfully, creating a large and lively space like the real world. Along with that is the harmonious color arrangement helps players always feel excited during the experience process. In general, the image quality in the game is only at an acceptable level and cannot satisfy those who demand high graphics. But if you are a person who loves simple gameplay and a unique aspect, this game will be a great choice.


It can be seen that The Wolf is an amazing combination of traditional simulation and role-playing style that promises to bring you many interesting things during the game experience. The game possesses many outstanding features along with a series of changes compared to previous versions, making it popular with many players in the present time. With over 10,000,000 installations on Google Play is also enough to prove the appeal that games bring to players around the world.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download The Wolf MOD APK or The Wolf Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.