Name The Walking Dead: Our World
Publisher Next Games
Size 77M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 11
Price Free
MOD Features GOD Mode


If you are a fan of the horror film series The Walking Dead, then definitely cannot ignore the game style of eating this game. More recently, the publisher of Next Games has launched the game The Walking Dead: Our World (MOD, GOD Mode) worldwide, promising to create a powerful fever in the gaming market in the present day. The game brings a lot of unique points in the game and the style is quite new, will definitely make the player feel fun to experience. Currently, The Walking Dead: Our World is developed on both Android / iOS operating systems, especially as it’s free for you to easily download games and enjoy life-changing battles. In this article, we will learn together the different points that this game brings.

Style of play completely different

Unlike some of the same genre titles, players will experience the fight against zombies through AR Virtual Reality. This has been the gameplay Pokemon GO applied before and have achieved a certain success. However, The Walking Dead: Our World is back and gives you completely different gameplay, and you will face bloodthirsty zombies through the phone screen. With AR, it will turn everything before your eyes into ever scarier, zombies will appear everywhere in your life. Is not that awesome?

To start the game, you need to move around your home or a farther place to search and destroy the scary zombies. They will be shown randomly in your way, which will make players feel scared when playing this game. Imagine being home alone and confronting an army of zombies, what would that look like?

The weapon system is diverse

In The Walking Dead: Our World, players will be able to use weapons such as guns, grenades, hammers, … or any object to destroy zombies. Look for them and kill as many as you can, to get a high score.

Coming to the game, you will be given a virtual map that will tell you where each zombie is, which will make it easy for players to find them and not have to spend too much time moving. This is also a great highlight of the title game.

You will not be alone

The content of The Walking Dead: Our World is quite similar to the original. That proves you are not alone in this battle, with the help of the familiar characters in the movie as police chief Rick or Michome assassin girl, will certainly make you feel more secure. This is a never-ending battle, with more frequent zombies making the game paced upwards, leaving the player without a moment of peace.

A few notes

To experience this game requires your phone to turn on the camera continuously, this will cause the battery to lose quickly. If you want to experience the game long enough, should fully charge the phone before enjoying it. The Walking Dead: Our World requires players to have a network connection to scan random zombies everywhere. You will not be able to experience the game without an internet connection.

Beautiful graphics

Connected to the camera to experience, you will be watching the world around in the most vivid. Along with the 3D format offered, The Walking Dead: Our World is sure to make players feel satisfied with the quality of the picture is equipped in the game. The game will still retain the features of the outside world, as well as the elaborate description of the zombies’ scary actions and looks. In general, the graphics of the game is quite realistic and easy to conquer players from the first experience.

An interesting game on Mobile

Overall, The Walking Dead: Our World just came out a few days ago, this will not be the time to evaluate the success of this title, we need more time to feel more detailed. But with what games bring, will definitely create a new breeze for the current horror game. Download the game and enjoy this fascinating survival game right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK or The Walking Dead: Our World Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.