Name The Legend Of Goddess
Publisher AOK GAME
Size 27M
Latest Version 3.3.501
Platforms Android 4.3
Price Free
MOD Features No


The Legend Of Goddess is a product that has just been released in the gaming market not long ago, it is equipped with a traditional role-playing game combined with classic battle scenes that promise to bring you a lot of interesting things during the experience. This is also the first product from the publisher of AOK GAME LIMITED – they do not have much experience in the game field but will definitely make players all over the world unable to take their eyes off the screen when enjoying The Legend Of Goddess. Although there are a lot of role-playing products that have gained much success in the market like ArcheAge or Guild Wars 2, players need a new name to be able to enjoy the great moments of entertainment on their phone. The Legend Of Goddess will be a product to help you do it easily, let’s find out about this new product.

The plot is not really new

The Legend Of Goddess is set from ancient lands, where the gods always ruled their kingdom safely for centuries. One day, the dark forces rose and devastated many places that made peace seriously threatened. In front of this situation, you need to transform into one of the heroes available to fight the evil forces. Prepare everything before entering the battle without this end, you need to show your talents as well as your bravery in order to win. You only need to download the game by the link APK below to be able to experience quickly.

The interface is quite intuitive

The first highlight of this game is the interface system designed relatively intuitive and lively. All the features of the game are displayed right on the screen so that players can easily perform the actions they want. In addition, the character parameters are also one of the essential points in The Legend Of Goddess, you should take note to recognize the current situation in order to make the most accurate decisions.

The control operations in the game are also integrated quite in line with the needs of many players in the present time when highlighting the simplicity. Overall, The Legend Of Goddess still brings the virtual steering wheel button to the left of the screen to help players easily control their characters to move. System skills will be integrated on the right of the screen, you can click on each icon to make the character unleash the corresponding skill. This will help players easily manipulate with both hands, thereby performing beautiful combo sequences to defeat opponents in a split second.

The battle is not over

Like other role-playing games, players need to choose for themselves one of the four character classes that The Legend Of Goddess brings to begin their own journey. Of course, each character class will have different advantages and disadvantages, you can choose depending on your needs and preferences to always feel excited when enjoying the game.

When starting the game, basic instructions will appear to help players get used to the gameplay in the game quickly. Follow the instructions from the game to start the journey right away. In addition, the system of tasks in the game will help you feel more seamless during the experience. Players need to complete the assigned challenges in order to receive valuable rewards. They will help you a lot in shopping or collecting rare materials in The Legend Of Goddess.

The monsters will appear continuously on the map, you need to destroy the small monsters before thinking about fighting giant bosses because they will defeat you quickly. Make lots of gold in the game by completing the assigned tasks, thereby upgrading skills and purchasing equipment to become stronger in the game.

Interact with other players

The Legend Of Goddess requires the player’s device to be connected to the internet to be able to log in and experience the game. This is no stranger to immersive products in the present time. You will meet and interact with other players around the world to learn from their experiences during the game enjoyment. Make lots of friends, be friendly to get to know other players because they will help you in difficult situations.

High-quality graphics

Graphics quality is one of the brightest highlights from The Legend Of Goddess, it will make the game’s display quality more clear and vivid than ever. The details in the game are designed according to the icon of mythical epic characters that promise to bring you a lot of interesting and satisfied feelings right from the first experience. In addition, the transition effect is quite smooth, which helps the characters’ skills become outstanding and as beautiful as possible.


Although it was a product that was released not long ago, The Legend Of Goddess really made us feel extremely impressed with what it brought. The game is equipped with attractive gameplay, high-quality graphics, as well as the lively sound system, will definitely not be a bad choice for those who love the traditional role-playing genre.

Note, the game still has some limitations and will be overcome after a few subsequent updates to become more complete.

Depending on your needs, you can download The Legend Of Goddess MOD APK or The Legend Of Goddess Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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