Name The Grand Wars: San Andreas
Publisher Super FPS Games
Size 97M
Latest Version 2.3.6
Platforms Android 4.1
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


When it comes to the action game genre combined with the immersive, we’ll think of the GTA series come of Rockstar Games. It has become one of the most undisputed monuments in the gaming market today, by gameplay incredibly charismatic and incorporates many unique elements that fascinated players quickly. However, with the beautiful graphics, your device needs to be high enough to be able to experience the game smoothly. Taking advantage of this, the publisher of Super FPS Games has launched the title game The Grand Wars: San Andreas (MOD, Unlimited Money), this can be considered a shortened version of the GTA on PC game series brings a new feel to the player. With graphics not so beautiful, the game allows you to enjoy right on the handset with low configuration and no lag situation. Is not it great?

The beautiful city of San Andreas

If you have ever experienced the GTA game, you can see the familiarity with the beautiful city of San Andreas. GTA series has dedicated Simulation to a beautiful city to in this game. However, there are a lot of shortcomings not yet exploited here, hope the publisher in the future will improve the game to get a more general view of it.

Step into this game, you will be transformed into a gangster with a lot of non-business sides, you will have to complete all assigned tasks to become one of the most notorious black gang in this city. This is a very dark period when social evils persist, the government has not yet taken measures to overcome this bad situation and accept to give up. The plot of the game revolves around black social gangs with a myriad of horrible criminals everywhere, sure to make you feel fascinated quickly.

Do everything in the game

Coming to The Grand Wars: San Andreas, players will not need to follow any rules. You are like a king of the city, and do everything according to your wishes. Others will accept to give away luxury cars to you without asking for anything. If you do not want to be charged with tasks built into the game, you can look for other fun things like driving around the city, watching sexy girls on the beach, or going to bars. Participating in endless parties,… promises to bring great moments of relaxation when experiencing.

The game takes the player to an exciting world where you can decide your character’s life in different ways. Be a good person and live in peace or become a criminal who is always in the state of being wanted. This will give players more options to match their interests, just download the game and enjoy what the game brings.

New control system

Control system in The Grand Wars: San Andreas is quite simple, it is similar to other games of the same genre. This will save players a lot of time when getting familiar with the operation of this game. Owning a simple control system is also part of helping the game to minimize the manipulation of the player. Therefore, you can experience this product more wonderful, without spending too much time getting used to it.

Simplified design

With job minimal graphics reduction, making The Grand Wars: San Andreas not very good in terms of images brought. The game is more focused on gameplay than the details of the game, compared to GTA the game is far fewer graphics. However, this is also the goal came from the publisher Super FPS Games. This will make this game better suited for players who do not own a high enough configuration device to ensure stability in the long-term gaming experience.


Overall, The Grand Wars: San Andreas has done a great job. The game offers excellent image quality but still guarantees the perfection of gameplay, giving the player great gaming experience. This game is very suitable for those who are looking for a game similar to the GTA but does not require too high configuration equipment is owned. Do not forget, regularly visit our website every day, to update the latest version from the GTA series.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download The Grand Wars: San Andreas MOD APK or The Grand Wars: San Andreas Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.