Publisher VOODOO
Size 50M
Latest Version 3.17
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No ADS


Voodoo is a publisher no stranger to players around the world. Recently, they have launched called Tenkyu (MOD, No ADS) – a game that promises to continue the success of their older players like or Helix Jump. Tenkyu is really a step up in the gameplay compared to the games of the same genre, Voodoo was very creative when constantly developing the game has very simple gameplay but extremely attractive players in many aspects. This game is being developed on both Android and IOS operating systems at a free price, making it easy for players to enjoy the game quickly. In this article, you will get a better overview of how plays of Tenkyu.

The challenges are really tough

Tenkyu offers great challenges, but it’s hard to win. You will have to overcome the challenges of this game, in the beginning, everything will be very simple for the player. Do not hurry, right after that you will face extremely difficult things. Keep up the spirit, to conquer the challenges that are embedded in the game.

Like other titles from the Voodoo publisher, Tenkyu is built in a traditional style. Players need to pass the first screen to start the next challenge, of course, the game will only stop if you lose. This will help to keep the pace of the game seamless, ensuring maximum gaming experience.

Control the ball to win

The task of the player is quite simple, you just control your ball to the position designated in the game to win. The map in Tenkyu is a labyrinth-shaped game where the player moves the ball by tilting his phone in the direction of the maze to reach the destination quickly.

The first screen will be relatively simple to help players get familiar with how the game works. But all is just starting, the next screen will not be simple at all, you must apply the same thinking ability of intelligence operations to prevent the ball from falling down and losing easily.

Experience the endless labyrinth

The labyrinth will be arranged in a spiral form depending on the difficulty of each level, requiring players to get acquainted quickly if they do not want to start from zero. Only if you do not focus on the game can be confused between different terrains and make the ball fall down quickly.

Tenkyu has done a great job in terms of gameplay, the game is built in style not too fussy but still bring the experience is extremely interesting for players. You will be excited to enjoy this game long enough. This is also the difference between the games from Voodoo compared to other publishers.

Challenge with friends

The game is very suitable for you to challenge the people around you. If you pass many levels in Tenkyu, you can make people feel angry when they challenge you to break the record you made. This will make the game more competitive, something that is not often seen in casual games.

Graphics are not sophisticated but excellent

Voodoo does not pay much attention to building images for their titles but still delivers excellent image quality. Tenkyu too, despite focusing on building the gameplay, these graphics of the game are still pretty good. Details such as the labyrinth or the ball are minimized in terms of visuals that make it attractive to the player from the first experience. With each stage, the maze will be changed color in different styles to help you feel quite enjoyable when enjoying this game.

Tenkyu has done a great deal in terms of sound. You will be completely focused on moving the ball without affecting any sound, just the sound coming out of the ball’s path.

Should Tenkyu experience or not?

This game has fully met the needs of the player for a game with simple gameplay. Tenkyu promises to bring great entertainment on your mobile phone thanks to its unique style from the Voodoo publisher. Download the game and enjoy the screenplay right now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Tenkyu MOD APK or Tenkyu Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.