Name Tasty Town
Publisher Social Point
Size 73M
Latest Version 1.12.4
Platforms Android 4.0.3, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


If you are a manager and want to own the world’s largest fast-food chain, Tasty Town APK will help you do it easily. This is not the first game in the game market to be developed in this style, there have been many successful products such as Cooking Craze or World Chef, but players still need more new choices to not be bored when experiencing for a long time. Back to Tasty Town, this is a traditional management game developed by Social Point publisher and available on the App Store with Google Play allowing players to easily download and experience game quickly. Let’s join us in some outstanding features that this game brings immediately.

How is Tasty Town a game?

Tasty Town can be seen as a farm game combined with a traditional management style that promises to bring you great moments of experience right on your phone. In the game, players will learn how to manage and serve customers in a most enthusiastic way to feel the fun that the game brings. Remember that customers are the most important factor to help you achieve success in the game, so you need to fully meet their needs if you want your store to be well known.

Customers can order burgers, sushi or pizza, even pastries or muffins and you have a duty to make the dishes they require in the shortest time. Not only cooking, but you also have a beautiful restaurant in Tasty Town. Decorate the restaurant according to your friends’ tastes to feel interesting during the experience.

Create fresh and clean food

In order to create delicious and quality food, it is indispensable that the ingredients need to ensure high nutrition. In the game, you will be provided with a large farm to serve the food harvest process to provide the main ingredients for your store. Your task is to create a lot of products through some familiar forms such as harvesting wheat, corn, chicken eggs, pork, … and many other animals and plants to made into fresh and clean food. From there, you can take them to your store and make all kinds of food easily. The most important thing is that you need to own a good chef to make the most delicious dishes for customers.

Expanding business model

Tasty Town allows you to expand your business in a variety of ways after securing the operation of your shop and your farm. You should try selling fast food at the beach. This is a very convenient place for business. The items you should sell are drinks, burgers and many other things are waiting for you to experience in this game. Imagine that customers will come in a series that will make you not keep up, so you need to manipulate quickly if you don’t want them to leave and you will have to serve other customers.

Decorate the store according to your preferences

The most important highlight that Tasty Town brings is that it allows players to freely customize the goods according to their preferences easily. The decoration in the game is extremely diverse, this will help players can easily select the objects that fit their style in a short period of time. Remember that the price of each ornament will be completely different, so you need to consider carefully before buying something to avoid waste. You should change the store’s design style after a long time to not be bored.
In addition, Tasty Town allows players to expand the area of the store to the maximum. However, expanding the store will cost you a lot of money so think before deciding to do this.

Beautiful design

It can be seen that the design of Tasty Town brings bright colors along with the details that are beautifully depicted and vividly sure to make you feel impressed right from the first experience. Although the graphics quality in this game only stops at 2D, what it brings is really great. You will be observing the works, objects, surroundings … beautifully through the quality of the display is extremely carefully invested. In general, the image quality in the game is relatively light and suitable for many ages of players.
Despite its high-quality graphics, Tasty Town doesn’t require too much configuration of the experience devices. Therefore, you can fully enjoy the game on low-profile devices as smooth and stable as possible.


Tasty Town is a truly great experience at the moment. This game possesses all the outstanding features that a game style management needs, especially it also has some outstanding advantages that promise to help you always feel excited throughout the experience. Overall, this is a game that can help entertainers in their free time because the pace of the game is relatively slow and does not require you to do too much but still feel interesting it brings.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Tasty Town MOD APK or Tasty Town Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.