Publisher Ketchapp
Latest Version1.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo Ads & Unlimited Money


With more than 100,000 installs on Google Play in the early days of launch, Targets (MOD, No ADS) a game from the publisher of Ketchapp, is enough to make gamers feel incredibly excited about what it delivers. This continues to be an affirmation of Ketchapp’s position in the gaming market. Targets are really getting impressive in terms of gameplay as well as beautiful display quality promising to create the same success as the previous product as Knife Hit or Domino. The game features simple traditional gameplay but incorporates exciting features that will surely bring the player a moment of relaxation as soon as you join the game. Targets are available on both the App Store and Google Play, allowing players to easily install and experience the game quickly. First of all, please refer to this article to get an overview of the game.

Ensure the difference

Despite release the game continuously, Ketchapp always knows how to make a hit with their new products. It can be seen that every game coming from this publisher owns different gameplay and unique display quality, which makes the player feel new. Targets it offers a simple and distinctive gameplay style but still captivates with alluring appeal and age-appropriate gameplay. If you are a fan of simplicity and enjoy previous games from Ketchapp, then Targets should not be overlooked in today’s gaming market.

Gameplay requires precision

It can be seen that the Targets‘ play style is quite similar to Pinball – a game that became popular a few decades ago. However, Targets also brings unique features that combine quite harmoniously with the previous product to create the appeal and attract players as soon as the game experience.

The task of the player in the game is quite simple, you only need to help the ball move to the designated position through the correct shot. Initially, things will be relatively easy for players to quickly get familiar with the gameplay Targets brings. The difficulty will be increased rapidly by appearing multiple circles on the screen, you will have to move the ball to all the rounds to win the game.

There will be many obstacles in the game, you will have to adjust the shooting position is suitable to get to the position you want. In addition, players can take advantage of obstacles in the game to leverage the ball to bounce to another position to easily enter the circle.

Players will be given a certain number of balls in the game. You will have to try to make your shot correctly if you do not want to get failed the game. If you do not succeed too many times, it means getting failed quickly. Each time you successfully complete, you will be added a ball to continue playing in the next game. Just make sure that you do not regret your decisions.

Some note needed

  • After passing certain screens, the ball will change appearance to make you feel more excited when playing the game.
  • Players need to score the highest score in each level in order to challenge the people around to break the record created by themselves.
  • The game will end only when the player uses all his balls there, then stops and summons the score immediately.
  • Targets are built in a simple style so there will be lots of ads appearing after you fail, so wait a short while to continue playing the game.
  • Players can experience the game anywhere without an internet connection. This will make you feel more comfortable and not bound by unnecessary elements.

The graphics are relatively sharp

Like its predecessors, Targets is meticulously polished in terms of visual quality, which makes the display quality sharper to provide a great quality experience for the player. The colors in the game are described in harmony between light and dark tone to create a friendly feel for players from the first game. In addition, the smooth transition effect in the game is extremely smooth that allows you to play games on a stable low-profile.

Sounds simple but charismatic

The sound system in Targets is well-equipped to create the most enjoyable sound for the player during the experience. Even though there are not too many built-in sounds in the game, it’s enough to make you feel good about what it does. You should download the game immediately to get the overview as well as the accurate assessment of the interesting points that Targets own.

The end

Targets are designed to target players who enjoy simplicity in terms of gameplay that make them really comfortable during the game experience. Although there are a lot of direct competitors, we believe that this game still has a certain place in the game market at the moment. You can easily download the game using the APK link below to enjoy the game right away without spending as much time as other games.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Targets MOD APK or Targets Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.