Name Talion
Publisher GAMEVIL
Size 89M
Latest Version 2.4.00
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS+
Price Free
MOD Features No


In today’s gaming market, there are quite a few games built in the traditional role-playing style. Each product offers unique features and different gameplay, making it easy for players to choose from. I believe that with what is owned, TALION APK fully to meet your needs for a game with the classic role-playing gameplay. The game was developed by GameVil, a relatively well-known publisher in the present day with products such as Cartoon Wars 3 and Royal Blood. In this article, I will help readers better understand the advantages of TALION.

Never-ending war

TALION will bring the player back to the medieval era, a period of continuous intense battles takes place to compete for power between nations. The war has caused many devastating direct threats to the lives of people around the world. You will have to stand up the fight to unify the world and bring peace to the people. This is a relatively difficult mission without the help of other players around the world. Download the game and join forces to complete the mission assigned in TALION now.

Outstanding storyline

Just like the games of the same genre, TALION owns a very prominent storyline to help players get a sense of attraction when they experience. Before you start your journey, players will be able to watch a short video clip that will help you better understand the story the game brings. Also, you can skip the video if you do not want to spend too much time enjoying the game.

Appropriate character selection

Players need to name their characters before the game experience. Then choose a character that is suitable for companionship throughout the game experience. TALION brings a variety of character systems with a variety of advantages, which will make it easy for players to get a suitable character to enjoy the game. In addition, you can customize the appearance of your character. Change your hairstyle, skin color, lip type, eye color, etc. to create a different character than the other players.

Start your journey

After completing the basic requirements of the game, you will quickly be taken to a wildland to begin your journey immediately. Players will be confronted with monsters that are randomly integrated into the game, destroy them for a certain amount of experience and help your character level up. Initially, the skill system is not so prominent that you will hardly finish the enemy. Try to level up quickly to unlock powerful skills from the character. The mission system will appear during the game experience, you must complete the challenges assigned to be able to get the items you want in the game. The difficulty of the mission will be increased dramatically right away, it will make players feel excited and always want to conquer new heights in TALION.

Keep moving so that you can find precious items in the game that will help your character increase attack or defense stats quickly. You can use or enhance new equipment to give your character a boost. TALION also allows players around the world to interact directly with each other through an internet connection. This will help you to meet and interact with other players and create a strong gaming community in the game experience.

Graphic meet requirements

Compared to other games of the same genre, TALION is no less in terms of image quality. The game is equipped with beautiful 3D graphics format to help the details in the game is displayed vividly and clearly. Transition effects in the game are quite smooth, promising to make players feel satisfied from the first experience.

Sounds vibrant

Sound quality is also one of the factors that make the success of TALION. With the built-in extremely well-matched sound and background music played throughout the game experience, it’s sure to make you feel at ease in the game as quickly as possible.

The end

TALION is truly a great game to experience in the time present. It possesses extremely great features along with unique operating styles that bring fierce battles. Players can easily explore the game using the TALION APK link located below the article. You do not hesitate anymore, fast download games and enjoy the fun that it brings right now.

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