Name Tales of Guardians
Publisher TopCloud Games
Size 35M
Latest Version 1.1.7
Platforms Android 4.0.3, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Keys


Tales of Guardians (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Keys) is a role-playing game combined with a recently released traditional element, which brings with it many unique and new features that will surely be an optimal choice for you during your current time. This game was developed by the publisher of TopCloud Games – they don’t have too much reputation in the game market but really did well with their first product. Tales of Guardians has similar gameplay to those of the same genre as Rebirth M or Lyn: The Lightbringer. Join the game, you will participate in the fierce battle in the kingdom of Fencia to fight the evil forces to protect the peace for all humanity. Are you ready to do that? Please refer to this article to get a better overview of this fascinating game.

Hero system is extremely diverse

The first highlight of this game is that it is equipped with an extremely diverse hero system with more than 70 different characters allowing players to easily choose in each battle. The characters will be divided into 4 different classes like Orc, Divine, Undead, and Elf. Of course, each character will have their own unique skills and powers to complement each other in the necessary situations, what you need to do is to arrange a rational formation to optimize the power they bring and win immediately. In addition, players can increase the strength of their characters in many ways such as upgrading equipment, unlocking new skills, level up … all of which are integrated into the game. Quickly join by downloading the game using the APK link below this article right away.

Start a fierce battle

Players will begin their mission as soon as they join the game, Tales of Guardians will provide you with a few basic heroes along with a series of detailed instructions to help you better understand the gameplay it brings come.

The player’s task in Tales of Guardians is relatively simple, you just need to thoroughly understand the power of each character to properly combine heroes to enhance the cohesion of the squad. After that, you just need to click on the icons of the skills displayed on the right corner of the screen to help the character unleash beautiful moves to defeat the opponent in a split second. Pay attention to the skills and use them properly for each situation because you will take a short time to continue using them.

In addition, the game is also equipped with a lot of exciting game modes to help players change during the game experience such as Mine Wars, Peak Contest, The Demon Palace… This will help you not feel bored when enjoying the game for a long time, thereby feeling the fun and attraction that the game brings.

Some problems are still inadequate

As a product just launched in the game market, Tales of Guardians has a lot of points to improve if it wants to become a product that many players love. You should try to experience the game from now on to be able to make accurate statements to help publishers overcome quickly.

Tales of Guardians has yet to apply online competition mode so many players feel quite disappointed because interacting with other players via an internet connection is an indispensable point for physical products according to the type of traditional role-playing.

Players will encounter intermittent situations whenever ads appear, which will cause a lot of discomfort during the game experience. However, this is an impossible point to blame Tales of Guardians because ad insertion is one thing that all mobile-based games do in order to increase economic returns for publishers.

The graphics are really very quality

The graphics quality in Tales of Guardians is a very significant highlight that promises to bring success to this game in the near future. It was developed based on the 3D graphics platform, making the details extremely sharp and vivid, helping players to easily feel the fierce battle in the game. In addition, the system of characters in the game is designed in a familiar cartoon style will surely satisfy and become suitable for any age players in the world.

Sound creates a highlight

In addition to graphics, sound quality in Tales of Guardians also contributed greatly to its success in the present time. The well-invested background music will definitely make you feel excited during the game experience. In addition, funny sounds come out every time the player performs manipulations or uses character skills that promise to keep you excited when enjoying the game.


Tales of Guardians is currently being developed widely in many countries around the world along with a series of new changes in recent updates that will surely be an extremely suitable choice for you during the current time. If you are a person who loves RPGs combined with tactical elements, you should not ignore this product. The game is currently available on both App Store and Google Play, allowing players to easily download and experience the game.

Note: Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Tales of Guardians MOD APK or Tales of Guardians Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.