Name Tales of Erin
Size 89M
Latest Version 4.0.0
Platforms Android 4.0.3, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


The publisher Efun Company Limited was very is well known for such products as Tank Storm or Zilant – The Fantasy, which has received a lot of trust from players around the world. Owned have a fascinating storyline and a relatively new way of operating, which makes it easy for players to be attracted quickly. Tales of Erin APK is expected to become the next successful product of this publisher. Although the game has no official presence in the market, still receive much attention from players, is expected to continue the success of the product ahead. In this article, I will introduce you to the attractive features from Tales of Erin.

Alluring storyline

A dark force is attacking your kingdom, bringing monsters with terrifying power and turning them all over into ever more desolate. The country is at risk, the lives of all human beings are threatened. In the game Tales of Erin, you will be given the task of destroying dark forces and bringing everything back to the original order, of course, the help of other players will be very necessary at this time. You need to find and gather the heroes across the kingdom become a team, to fight and protect peace through this game right now.

Traditional manga style

Tales of Erin is equipped with 3D graphics along with the use of manga style from Japan, you will enjoy the wonderful picture quality that this game brings. The details in the game are integrated into the cartoon style, this will help players easily get into the battle quickly. In general, the transition effects in the game is quite smooth, it will help players enjoy excellent skills with a good quality display.

In addition, the sound system in this game is well equipped, it will help players quickly attracted to the world in Tales of Erin easily. The characters in the game are voiced by famous people from Japan, which will give you a better understanding of the culture and identity of this country, through what Tales of Erin brings.

Build your army

The main task of the player in Tales of Erin is to build a team with equal strength, which will help you defeat the strong opponents in the battle. This is a unique tactical game that requires players to create different types of gameplay in order to beat their opponents in a split second. Tales of Erin brings five heroes of legend with different elements such as fire, water, darkness, wind, and light. In your team must ensure the harmony of these elements, to be able to achieve the desired strength. Each hero will bring in a kind of elemental and element, which will make it easy for the player to choose and make the right team in with the tactics developed.

With more than 80 heroes integrated into Tales of Erin, and growing in recent updates. This will ensure a variety of players to enjoy, which will help you not boring when the game experience for a long time. In addition, players can increase the power of their characters, by purchasing the necessary equipment or helping them level up to bring new skills. In general, there are many ways to increase the of your team, help them improve strength in different ways and win every battle.

Interact with other players

Tales of Erin also allows you to interact with other players around the world, which is essential in a regular RPG game. Will help players can chat directly with each other, helping each other in difficult tasks. In addition, the PvP mode will allow the players to compete together, they will go to the battle extremely fierce and dramatic. The winner will be the one who brings out the unique tactics and excellent reading ability. Note, your device needs to be connected to the internet to experience this feature.

The end

For the followers of the RPG game series should not be overlooked attractions from Tales of Erin. Although the game is only being tested on Google Play, it’s getting a lot of attention from the players. It was developed by a relatively well-known publisher, which created the attraction and made the weight of the players not meaningless. Please wait a little longer, to be able to experience the official version from Tales of Erin.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Tales of Erin MOD APK or Tales of Erin Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.