Name Super Mecha Champions
Publisher NetEase
Size 101M
Latest Version 1.0.6193
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Publisher NetEase Games is a name that is so familiar when coming to giving us great mobile games like Knives Out or Rules of Survival. Recently, this publisher released a shooting game in conjunction with the survival style is called Super Mecha Champions APK + OBB. This is a game built based on a traditional 3rd perspective, with a beautiful anime character design style that promises to bring players interest right from the first experience. If you have been bored while enjoying the traditional game of survival today, try to discover the new things Super Mecha Champions brings by downloading the game and experience now. This game will definitely give you the moments of extremely unique and new survival thanks to the extremely interesting features built in.

Modern future context

Unlike other survival games, Super Mecha Champions is carefully invested in the context that promises to give you a surprise right from the first experience. This game is set in the future with science fiction elements. Instead of all players sitting on a transport plane and parachuting down, you will now be driven by a spaceship or Their own high-tech devices to join the battle in the most separate way possible.

The scene in the game is also designed in a modern style with extremely advanced weapons and works. Even while fighting, in addition to various types of guns, you also have the support of battle robots. This will make it impossible for you to take your eyes off the experience screen until the end of the battle.

How to play Super Mecha Champions

Basically, Super Mecha Champions‘ gameplay is exactly the same as 99% of other survival games in the present time. In the game, you will perform extremely familiar tasks such as choosing the place you want to land, collecting weapons, continue to move to ensure safety and defeat all other opponents to have can become the last survivor at each level.

The special thing is that this game also integrates an extremely attractive element that the player can summon his own giant robot to join the battle. You should pay attention to the built-in ruler on the screen because when it is filled 100% you can call the robot out and fight it with the other opponents. Remember that Robot will give you a huge advantage in each confrontation with other opponents, so make the most of its power to become the winner in this game.

You have quite a lot of giant robots to choose from in each game and each type has completely different abilities. This gives the game a great dynamic because it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of robot in order to win the game. In addition, there are special weapons to help you destroy other robots such as skating style skating in the future, shields to reduce damage from your enemies … Note, when only 10 players last in one In the game screen, you can call the battle robot. Therefore, try to show your abilities and become one of the last 10 survivors to be able to admire the power coming from the robots in this game.

In general, calling the Robot Battle is a very special highlight to make Super Mecha Champions different than other survival games in the present time.

The easy access control system

The integrated control system in the Super Mecha Champions is relatively intuitive and lively, so you won’t spend too much time getting to know it from the first time you experience it. The function keys in the game are arranged not so much different from other games in the game market today. This gives players a friendly feel and is suitable for most mobile devices. Here players will be free to move in large map expansion and proceed to collect items of weapons, hats, armor, ambulance, … Of course, the safety circle will gradually narrow to tie players must fight with each other in the face.

Beautiful graphics style anime style

Super Mecha Champions is one of the few existing survival games that possess anime-style graphic styles from beautiful Japan. Most characters and details in this game are portrayed to make the player feel like watching a real anime movie during the enjoyment. This will help this game not to bring too many violent scenes like other shooting genre games, instead, you will enjoy the battle with 99 other players in a gentle perspective much more comfortable.


Perhaps Super Mecha Champions is the game that players all over the world have been waiting for so long. This game is not just a battle of 100 players together but also a battle of human-controlled robots. Since then, creating action-oriented battles combined with science fiction has never been in any previous survival game. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to become the last survivor and win this game yet? Download the game and do it now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Super Mecha Champions MOD APK or Super Mecha Champions Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.