Name Super Bino Go 2
Publisher ONESOFT
Size 48M
Latest Version 1.0.6
Platforms Android 5.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Have you ever heard of the name Super Bino Go? This is a classic action game that is so familiar and famous in the game market a long time ago. And most recently, ONESOFT officially launched Super Bino Go 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) – the sequel to the legendary Super Bino Go game series to help satisfy the needs of players worldwide. Coming to this game, gamers will be immersed in the fun fairy world and once again witness the story of the hunter rescuing the princess after overcoming many difficult challenges along the way. The game with said similar gameplay to some products Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and West Gunfighter. However, this latest version has been integrated with countless new and exciting features to bring players to a special trip in the process of experience. Before starting the experience, take a moment to learn about this game now.

New journey, new difficulties

Based on the legendary 4-button gameplay, Super Bino Go 2 will help players return to childhood again with new adventures and new challenges. In this second part, your task is to help the dwarf “Bino” the main character of the game, defeat the evil monsters that appear continuously during his travels. After your character has overcome all the challenges given in each level, you will complete your mission to help Bino rescue the beautiful princess at the end of each journey.

It can be seen that the game’s plot is not too strange for the majority of players, but there are still cleverly integrated differences. For example, the shapes of monsters you encounter on the way are quite diverse and new. Each level will have different types of monsters corresponding to different movement skills and effects. This will help keep you excited when you experience a long time.

The diverse screenplay, simple gameplay

Super Bino Go 2 gives players a new journey with a lot of screenplays, corresponding to that many different and new things are always waiting for players to explore. Specifically, the game has 60 levels and 3 symbolic islands. In particular, these 3 archipelagos give gamers different experiences feelings. If on the thousand years ice island, you will feel cold with the ice-filled on objects, then on the fire island, will certainly make you sweat by the sparks emitted continuously on the path that you pass. In addition, you will be immersed in a dark forest with ancient trees, forest animals such as spiders, gorillas, frogs, on integrated forest island.

In addition, you should also note that after passing 10 consecutive levels, you will meet a boss with a huge and extremely aggressive appearance. To defeat them, you need to collect the hidden items in the bricks that appear on the way, to help your character strengthen. Specifically, it is items with different functions like Grow-up that help Bino strengthen his body size, Fire as destructive bombs to smash giant monsters and Shield that can protect the body of Bino in a certain time avoid all possible damage. As can be seen, these are very important auxiliary items if you want to overcome the most difficult levels in Super Bino Go 2. In addition to collecting them from the bricks, you can also use gold coins with A certain amount to buy them. So try to get as much gold as possible.

Marked his name on the charts

Super Bino Go 2 is an exciting journey but at the same time, it is a race where you always need to try to express your bravery and intellect to win a position on the chart. What you need to win is absolute bravery, a strong spirit, and a little trick to overcome the countless difficulties that are always waiting for you.

Graphics in classic style

Despite being an action game, Super Bino Go 2 still has a classic and familiar graphics style. This is probably a deliberate intention of the ONESOFT publisher, because the purpose of this game is to give players the closest feeling to being able to nostalgia about childhood again. The characters in the game have a cute and funny cartoon style that makes the game more suitable for many players, including children. That contributes to increasing the popularity and spread of Super Bino Go 2 in many areas and user components in the world.


Overall, Super Bino Go 2 has many advantages compared to other games of the same type in the market at the present time. With has familiar gameplay, but is integrated new details to give players an exciting and exciting adventure. New journeys, difficulties, and new opponents, the game will make you feel surprised and charismatic right from the beginning of the experience. The game is available on Google Play and App Store, is compatible with all types of mobile devices, so players will have no problems installing it. However, some ads still appear throughout the user’s enjoyment, so you should get used to it so you don’t feel angry or upset.

Do you want to prove yourself with this exciting game? Download the game using the APK link below to experience it immediately and mark your name at the top of the prestigious arena.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Super Bino Go 2 MOD APK or Super Bino Go 2 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.