Name Strike Team Hydra
Publisher Wave Light Games
Size 32M
Latest Version 8
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 8.0
Price $7.99
MOD Features No


Strike Team Hydra (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a game RPG combined with tactical elements worth playing at the present time. The game is being a reduction on Google Play only 2 $ per downloads, you can download the game for free using the link below APK integrated this article. When you experience the game you will be exploring the vast space, through the endless battles that it brings. Thereby, players will feel the fun during the game to enjoy. This is a very successful product from the publisher of Wave Light Game, they bring the fun features and make this game more attractive to players than ever. Let’s find out some highlights from Strike Team Hydra.

Strike Squad

Sethari Power is a mysterious alien race that seeks to threaten the lives of all humanity on Earth. In the game, you will be transformed into a talented Strike commander – an army of elite combatants around the world. The mission of the player is to lead and bring his army to victory in each battle that the game brings. Simultaneously destroy all enemies and protect world peace. You are ready to control the warships HYDRA reputation and engage in the never-ending battle does not?

Established his own army

Before you start, you will be given the choice of one of the characters that the game brings. This is also the character that will stick with the player during the game, consider before making his decision to not feel sorry. Each character will own indicators as well as various skills to help players more easily in the selection.

In addition, after each battle players will receive a bonus amount used to upgrade skills for the character. You can also increase your character’s stats by purchasing weapons that are built into the game. You will be engaged in fierce battles shortly afterward by following the instructions that come from the game. Pay attention to the original navigation system, which will help you understand the gameplay and the tasks you are assigned to in this game.

Fierce battle

Strike Team Hydra will take players to locations in space, where will take place the extremely fierce battle shortly thereafter. You will be given the full control over your troops without being tied up from the game. Every soldier will be moved or attacked in a certain area, so you can take advantage of this to bring you the right tactics to win each level.

Tactical factors are always the top priority in the game if you own powerful characters but do not know how to operate will not be able to maximize the advantage they bring. Players will have to confront a lot of monsters in space, you need to arrange your squad very reasonable to destroy them quickly. Pay attention to the amount of HP remaining on each character and help them avoid being defeated by the enemy in the battle phase. It’s not a bad idea to control low-blooded characters backward. You need to ensure the safety of your troops before thinking of killing enemies because they are very dangerous.

High-quality graphics

With equipped 3D graphics format, Strike Team Hydra vividly recreated the scene outside space with incredibly crisp detail. The battles in the game are very well described in conjunction with bomb effects will definitely make you feel not disappointed during the game experience. In addition, the transitions in the game extremely smoothly create seamless and stable.

Sounds create accents

Strike Team Hydra sound in not simply monotonous background music but also the noises built an extremely exciting. The characters in the game are dubbed to help players get into the game quickly. Overall, the sound quality in the Strike Team Hydra is really a remarkable point to create a certain success in the present time.


Strike Team Hydra is currently supported on both the Android and IOS platforms, allowing players to download games and experience them with ease. If you are an RPG fan with true combat elements, then you definitely can not miss this game. It is equipped with fascinating gameplay with great graphics effects that will definitely make you feel good for the first time to enjoy the game.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Strike Team Hydra MOD APK or Strike Team Hydra Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.