Name Stranger Things: The Game
Publisher BonusXP
Size 65M
Latest Version 1.0.280
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Keys


In the previous articles, we introduced you to many traditional role-playing products and invested very carefully in many aspects. In the context of the game market, there are many such games that make players easily feel depressed and do not know which products will suit themselves. So why not try to return to the classic penchant games but still with the familiar role-playing style? Typically Stranger Things: The Game (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Keys) – a game developed according to the simple style but promises to bring you a lot of fun during the experience. This is a product from publisher BonusXP, Inc. It was built the game according to famous games like Terraria or Evoland 2 will surely make you feel extremely satisfied when enjoying the game. Let us discover some special points from this game right away.

Strange journey

The plot of Stranger Things: The Game is borrowed from the popular TV series Stranger Things promises to bring players exciting moments of adventure but equally attractive that the game brings. When participating in the game, you will be transformed into true heroes seeking the secrets hidden by the government to protect the safety of all humanity. Players will be moved to many different locations in each level to perform their tasks. Of course, there will be many guards and obstacles appear to block you during this journey, thereby creating a sense of challenging and thrill in each assigned task. Are you ready to become a hero in everyone’s heart? Join the game and do it now.

Difficult challenges

You will begin your quest in Stranger Things: The Game immediately without any instructions from the game. This is a relatively unexpected thing for players, but it is quite reasonable to help you familiarize yourself with the gameplay that the game brings.

The game is divided into many different levels, each screen you will have to follow the requirements from simple to complex to be able to pass quickly. Initially, everything will be relatively simple to help you not take too much time to better understand the interesting details in this game. Later, the difficulty will be increased quickly by expanding the map along with the appearance of a series of spiritual names that make it very difficult for you to complete the assigned task. Be calm to be able to solve the problems in the game in the most logical way because the game does not require too high the ability of the player to manipulate, you just need to make the right decision to be able to win get victory quick.

The special thing is Stranger Things: The Game also allows players to communicate with characters around the map, which will help you better understand the tasks assigned and can find solutions easily. You will have to be skillful in this communication because the game also integrates a lot of different expressions for the character, which means you can make them feel angry and will not share any what.

Character change feature is quite unique

Stranger Things: The Game is not like previous traditional role-playing games, this game allows players to alternate between characters in each level so that they don’t get bored when enjoying the game in a long time. In each level, you will have to choose the most suitable character to optimize the power they bring to win quickly. Each hero in the game will own different advantages to help you not have too many difficulties in choosing.

In addition, the game is equipped with a view from above for the ability to cover the map quite well. This will help you get a wide and lively perspective, thereby finding the necessary clues to be able to overcome the challenges that the game brings easily. Overall, Stranger Things: The Game gives players the feeling that they are experiencing traditional game genres of the 80s of the last century promising to bring you a lot of surprises.

Graphics are not too prominent

Image quality is probably something that publisher BonusXP is not too concerned about this game. The in-game images are developed on a 16-bit platform, making the details displayed quite blurry and not really attracting players. However, this is also the biggest plus point from the game when it is developed in a classic style to help players return to childhood once more. In addition, the game’s transition effect is extremely smooth and players can experience a stable game scene on low-profile devices.

Stranger Things: The Game is worth to enjoy

The game possesses a lot of worth plus points such as extremely simple gameplay, classic-style graphics, integrating difficult tasks and many other new features that will definitely make you feel immensely satisfied when experiencing. Stranger Things: The Game has achieved 5,000,000 installs on Google Play and is growing rapidly in recent times, indicating that it is a product worth enjoying at the moment. The game is also available on the IOS operating system to help players worldwide access and download games quickly.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Stranger Things: The Game MOD APK or Stranger Things: The Game Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.