Name State of Survival
Publisher KingsGroup Holdings
Size 122M
Latest Version 1.5.21
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features No Skill CD


Games of the genre of survival combined with the doomsday fiction have become so familiar with generations of gamers around the world. Most of these products are integrated with action role-playing gameplay like Left to Survive of the B.V. publisher and the Zombie Gunship Survival of Flaregames. Although the aforementioned games have quite a lot of similarities in gameplay, image, style … but there are thousands of people around the world who are experiencing every day. With such increasing usage demand, many games of the same genre were also launched to offer many suitable options for players. Among them, we cannot help but mention State of Survival (MOD, No Skill CD) – is a product developed by KingsGroup Holdings. The context of this game is nothing new while still taking players to a world of chaos full of bloodthirsty zombies and asking players to do everything to find a way to survive. However, State of Survival still attracts more than 1 million installations at the present time. Let’s find out what it has right now.

The mission of the survivor

The story of the game stems from a US government conspiracy as they try to research and create a biological weapon capable of destroying cell structures and killing humans. However, during direct human trials, government scientists were unable to control the spread of the virus. Therefore, a terrible pandemic took place and killed countless people in the cities. But after some time, the dead came back to life again and became scary bloodthirsty Zombies. In the desolate landscape of the city, a few lives are lucky to survive and are trying to flee from the attacks of the zombies and find ways to destroy them to regain life for the world. And you are one of those heroic people with the mission of building a base, searching for food, weapons … to prepare for a long fierce battle in the State of Survival.

Diverse mission system

Unlike other survival games on the market, the State of Survival does not take players to fierce shooting battles. Instead, your mission in the game will be simpler in some respects. Basically, it is similar to tower defense games when players need to locate the zombies, then put machines to destroy them quickly. Just like that, players will gradually control the view of the city to have a plan of defense or attack properly. However, in certain cases, you need to ally with other characters to fight directly with Zombies. In addition, to prepare for a long war and unexpected attacks, players need to build a solid base, reserve food, water, weapons … to develop their lives.

Make friends with other characters

State of Survival is a strategy survival game, so it has no army or army system. Instead, the game is integrated with an extremely diverse character system. At the beginning of the game, the player will be given a specific character. Afterward, you will meet and make friends with other characters such as Raiders VI, Death Cruiser, Banshees IIX … during your exploration. They all have different special skills shown through an index system including health, attack, speed, defense … These characteristics can be changed by upgrading to Become stronger in the fight. These characters are just like you – heroes born in turmoil seeking to survive and protect humanity’s last civilization. Allying with them helps to create strategic relationships and increase strength. Do you dare to fight the tough challenges in the State of Survival? Let us know the answer after experiencing the game by clicking on the link below to download.

Building safe shelters

After fighting the bloodthirsty zombies, your character and other players need to rest, provide food and treat wounds if any. For the comfort of players, the game has a system of detailed instructions about what needs to be built at certain times. This will save time for the player to experience, and help create the bases and items needed in the fight with Zombies. Specifically, players need to build some facilities such as hospitals, weapon factories, storage, farms … In addition, you can proceed to upgrade them to improve productivity, this helps bring certain benefits for your battle process.

State of Survival is a game worth experiencing

With familiar gameplay, creative style, and new features, State of Survival really became the focus on the “land of survival” – a topic that has been strongly exploited recently. However, the highlight of this game does not stop there. The game also possesses a classic-oriented graphics quality that perfectly fits the context of the game and the views of many players around the world at the present time. The characters involved in the game’s story are all outlined in detail. Each character shows a different style and personality that blends in with the unique fighting skills. This will help players feel the freshness and variety from the character system, thereby feeling excited and satisfied with the long-term experience.

Notes: Please select a link to download State of Survival for free. You can choose the MOD (Unlimited Energy) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.