Name Stack Ball
Publisher AI GAMES FZ
Size 11M
Latest Version 1.0.55
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlock All Skins, No ADS


Stack Ball (MOD Unlock All Skins, No ADS) is the latest product from the AI GAMES FZ publisher in the mobile gaming market and is loved by many players at the moment. Basically, this is a game that owns extremely simple gameplay with a single game mode along with a relatively easy-to-understand mode of operation that will definitely not make you too much trouble at the first time to experience the game. At first glance, you can easily see that this game has a similar style to the famous Voodoo publisher products like Helix Jump or Perfect Hit, and the fact that Stack Ball’s play is very similar to Helix Jump. But it was customized some features to create a unique highlight. For more on this fascinating game, you can refer to the article below to get the information you need before you start enjoying the game.

Simple one-touch operation

Like other games of the same genre, Stack Ball owns a very simple control system to help players get used to it right from the first experience. You just need to touch the screen to help your ball move and land safely on each level. Although there are not too many operations during the game experience, you will have a lot of difficulties if you want to win because this game is equipped with a variety of gameplay system with challenges integrated thorough match. Be very careful and pass as many levels as possible in Stack Ball.

Control colorful balls

When experiencing the game, players will not have to control any character but instead, control a ball with enough colors to break the tiles and reach the finish line quickly. Specifically, you will have to help your ball move from the spiral tower to the ground safely if you want to win each level. The special thing is that there will be bricks neatly arranged in delicious towers and this tower will rotate continuously to create difficulty for players, so you will choose a convenient opportunity to let the ball go down below.

Note, the tower in each game screen will have colorful tiles but you cannot move through the black tiles, wait for the tower to turn to other tiles to let the ball go down safely. Once you’ve chosen the right time, just touch the screen so that the ball can plunge quickly. Just like that until you reach the ground, that screen is completed and goes to the next stage. Can you conquer all the levels in Stack Ball? Please download the game via the link APK below this article to get the most accurate answer.

Keep calm and focused

Although Stack Ball‘s gameplay is somewhat simple, you will have many difficulties if you want to win in all the built-in stages. You should not rush the ball down unconsciously because just the ball hits the black tiles, you will have to start this game from the beginning. This will make you feel extremely inhibited and can’t keep calm in the next game. Keep in mind that during the breakdown process if you pass all the required tiles, the ball will turn into a fireball. This type of ball can pierce through the black tiles in a certain time, so you can take advantage of this to complete the challenge more easily.

Note, the difficulty of the game will increase as the spiral tower rotates faster and more black tiles appear, so you will have more difficulty controlling the ball. In general, the Stack Ball has a relatively fast pace that requires the player to remain calm with a bit of luck to win this game.

Sharp image

Most simple style games on the market today have graphics platforms that are not too special, but the Stack Ball is the exact opposite. This game is equipped with a high-quality 3D graphics platform that promises to give players a feeling of fun during the game experience. A special feature is the important details in the game such as spiral towers, balls as well as brick rows that will constantly change different colors in each level to bring a diverse visual system to help you not feel boring when enjoying the game. In general, the quality of the graphics in the game really makes us feel very impressed and it is also one of the important factors that help Stack Ball achieve much success in the present.

Although equipped with 3D graphics format, the size of this game is relatively small, allowing players to easily experience the game on multiple phone lines.


Stack Ball is a game with simple gameplay that makes it easy for players to get used to in a short time, through which it will give you great entertainment moments right on your phone. This game also allows players to play games at any time without an internet connection, unless your device runs out of battery. What are you waiting for? Relax with the Stack Ball game to have a special experience when controlling the ball through the spiral blocks right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Stack Ball MOD APK or Stack Ball Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.