Name Snipers vs Thieves
Publisher PlayStack
Size 48M
Latest Version 2.7.31217
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Bullets


Sniper vs Thieves (MOD, Unlimited Bullets) is a real-time FPS shooter game that will give players a dramatic and thrilling experience. The game is built in the familiar role-playing style but very attractive, it will definitely make you feel very interesting to enjoy. The publisher of PlayStack is the father of this product, they have achieved certain success in the market with such games as Tiny Armies or Fort Stars. And most recently Sniper vs Thieves is expected to become one of the famous multiplayer known around the world. Currently, you can download games and enjoy instantly through the integrated APK link below this article. Let’s explore the highlights of this game.

Familiar context

Sniper vs Thieves will bring players into an endless battle between two Mafia gangs. They always try to eliminate each other and monopolize the market for counterfeit money. This will lead to more conflict between the two sides and create attractive for players. In the game, you can choose one of two gangs to start your journey. Each task assigned will be a real challenge that requires the player to be alert enough to be able to win in each level. Are you ready to become a true Mafia boss in this game?

Unique combination

The gameplay of Sniper vs Thieves is quite unique, giving players more choices to experience. You can participate in games as a sniper of the Sniper to destroy your enemies across the front lines. Or create and set up a large Thieves gang to constantly harass and steal large amounts of money from the enemy. Each choice will be a completely different style of play, thereby bringing excitement to the player when enjoying.

Overall, Sniper vs Thieves’ play style is a unique combination of different styles but still makes a difference. PlayStack publishers have done quite well with this product when achieved 10,000,000 installs on CH Play in a short amount of time, showing a special charm coming from the game.

Become a true sniper

When choosing to become a Sniper, you will be armed with a gun with great damage and are ready to defeat any target. The advantage of the Sniper is that you can shoot gun decision making at a considerable distance, this will make opponents feel surprised and do not understand the cause of death. Your task is to protect the truck from the sight of the Thieves. Be careful with your operations, watch the exact shot to make the enemy not reflect and win the game immediately.

Become a dangerous criminal

When you decide to join the Thieves means you will face a lot of danger from the assigned tasks. Each mission will bring players to different cities, so you need to quickly get acquainted with the terrain here to find safe hiding places. Then, use your manipulation skills to get close to the truckload of money. Also, you need to take precautions before the shot comes from the Sniper, they are ready to kill you with the bullets accidentally. Note that you will not be alone in this battle, but also help from players around the world. Please coordinate well with your teammates, distract the Sniper to bring victory in this interesting fight.

Not too prominent graphic

Sniper vs Thieves brings a good quality display, though not very prominent, but still brings satisfaction to the player when experiencing. The details in the game are described as humorous and fun with images of players. You will feel the real battle in the game in a stable and smooth way.

Sounds vibrant

With background music appearing throughout the experience, this will give the excitement you need while playing the game. In addition, built-in fun sounds bring familiarity and make the player not feel bored while enjoying the game for a long time.


Sniper vs Thieves is really a game to enjoy in the present time. If you are looking for a traditional role-playing game, but still bring new innovation in the gameplay, Sniper vs Thieves will be a perfect choice. The game promises to bring exciting moments and make the players feel attracted quickly.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Snipers vs Thieves MOD APK or Snipers vs Thieves Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.