Name Slaughter 2: Prison Assault
Publisher Ray Spark
Size 396M
Latest Version 1.3
Platforms Android 4.4
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Bullets


While the trend of games worldwide tends to be simple in order to help players easily get acquainted and feel relaxed during the experience, FPS games are gradually being forgotten quickly. Although there are still some products of this genre that have achieved a lot of success such as SHADOWGUN LEGENDS or N.O.V.A. Legacy but still has not satisfied the expectations of the players. In this article, we will bring to you Slaughter 2: Prison Assault – a traditional shooter genre that integrates many new features that will surely make you feel extremely happy when enjoying. The game was developed by the famous Ray Spark publisher, which will surely bring you lots of interesting things as soon as you experience. Let us explore the outstanding advantages of this game.

The spectacular escape

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault‘s background is built quite nicely as it focuses on exploring the Burdick prison scene, where the bloodthirsty prisoners are held from all over the world. This is a place equipped with a high-end security system along with a series of elite guards that make it an “inviolable” territory for everyone. However, a villain appeared and broke the prison order, causing prisoners to enjoy freedom.

This is not just a spectacular escape but also crazy experiments that turn prisoners into real monsters. They move to cities and destroy everything on the way that makes everything become very chaotic. You will be transformed into a true task force along with your teammates to prevent this potential threat. Are you ready? Start the task assigned by downloading the game by the link APK below this article now.

Traditional shot style

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault‘s play is not really different from other products of the same category when bringing players to extremely fierce and fierce battles. You will have to show your talent to control your guns to destroy every enemy along the way and win fast.

Players will be allowed to move around in the game to be able to take down all enemies. You need to take precautions when going to the alarm areas because there are many dangers waiting to kill your life immediately. To win Slaughter 2: Prison Assault, you need to move slowly to gather information as well as equip randomly placed weapons along the way, then show off your marksmanship abilities by Shoot down all enemies in the game.

In general, players will be familiar with the screenplay from simple to complex when participating in the game experience. This will help you gain valuable experience to apply in the next challenge.

Easy to understand control system

The special thing is that the control system in the game is equipped with a relatively simple way to help players quickly get familiar with and control fluently in a short period of time. Two virtual buttons integrated on the left and right of the experience screen can help you control your character to move and perform shooting operations quickly. In general, you will not be difficult to dodge enemy attacks or perform precise shots to destroy the enemy in a split second.

A variety of unique weapons

The relatively unique integrated in-game weapon system allows you to alternately change during the game experience. Of course, each weapon in the game will have unique advantages that make it easy for players to choose in certain situations. Depending on the circumstances of the battle, you should change weapons to optimize the power they bring and protect your own life against the powerful attack from the enemy.

Vivid graphics and sound

Graphics are also one of the factors that make up Slaughter 2: Prison Assault‘s appeal to make it easier for players to get into the fierce atmosphere of battle in the game. The display quality in the game is quite eye-catching, portraying relatively successfully the typical prison scene along with a series of details depicted extremely vivid and beautiful that will surely make you feel extremely like interesting right from the first experience of the game. In addition, the in-game transition effect is relatively smooth, allowing you to experience the game in a stable way on low-profile devices.

The sound in Slaughter 2: Prison Assault is really a big plus point to give players a thrill and fear when enjoying. The background music in the game gives the player the gloomy atmosphere of a fierce battle along with a series of sounds emitted when the player performs any action in the game that keeps you in a focused state when experience.


Slaughter 2: Prison Assault MOD APK is a product that has just been released for the time being but has garnered a lot of attention for players worldwide. The game is developed in a traditional shooting style with the integration of a relatively new context that will definitely bring you a unique experience.

The game requires your device to have Android 4.4 or higher operating system to be able to download the game and enjoy it quickly. Also, clicking on the link below this article is not also a bad idea.

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