Name Sim Hospital
Publisher Fingertip Games
Size 96M
Latest Version 1.1.9
Platforms Android 2.3
Price Free
MOD Features No


Sim Hospital (APK) is a game that was released long ago on the market and was released by Fingertip Games. They have been relatively successful with their products such as the Cat Cube or Virus Inc 2048. The games from this publisher are appealing to many players, such as good gameplay and visual quality brings to perfection. Sim Hospital is also a very much expected product, this game is a perfect successor to the previous games. It brings new and exciting improvements, sure to make you enjoy the experience. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the highlights highlighted in this game.

Storyline familiar

Have you ever intended to become a model doctor and help people heal wounds from simple to complex? Sim Hospital will help you do that easily. Patients around the world suffer from terrible diseases, they seek treatment everywhere, but everything has become too late. Some people have let go and wait for death to come, others end up killing their lives with poison. Seeing the situation, you have a mission to help them survive and be happy for the rest of their lives. Develop Sim Hospital to become a reputable hospital and treat the seemingly invisible illnesses. Download games and create a team of dedicated physicians in the game right away.

Become a real boss

In the game Sim Hospital, you will be offered an old hospital with the mission of making it grow and bring in high income. This is a simulation game combined with unique business strategies, download the game to learn the precious experience and apply to life right now.

At first, everything becomes very difficult for the players. The number of visitors did not meet expectations, which led to the economic situation becomes very difficult. By the amount of money provided, you have to buy modern equipment to help patients cure critical illnesses and improve the current situation quickly. Once the situation has improved, players can expand the scale of the hospital and entice renowned doctors to their team. This will make the development of the hospital extremely convenient, you can do in many ways, but must ensure the progress of development in an effective way and return the necessary profits.

Equipped with modern equipment

The game offers a lot of modern equipment that allows players to own them and develop the hospital quickly. Accumulate the proceeds to upgrade your facility, while expanding the scale and bringing comfort to patients during treatment.

Players can customize the location to place devices that support the healing process, by touching the screen to move. This will make you feel comfortable in creating the hospital in your own way without any constraints coming from the game. In general, Sim Hospital owns fairly simple but fascinating gameplay. You will enjoy the feeling of being a true boss and bringing the right business strategies to develop your own hospital. The in-game doctor system is quite rich, and they have different capabilities that make it easy for you to choose the one that fits your needs. If they do not fulfill their assigned tasks, get rid of them and search for a truly talented doctor.

Eye-catching graphics infinity

Sim Hospital is equipped with beautiful graphics to bring excellent display quality promises to help players have moments of an exciting experience. The details in the game are depicted quite similar to real life for you to feel like playing in the game in a real way.

Sound quality stable

The game does not focus on sound but still brings the necessary vitality. Voices from hospital patients with background music are enough to make you feel good while enjoying. Download the game to feel the great awaits you right away.


Compared with the simulation games on the market now, Sim Hospital is really a product worth to experience. The game will help you get great moments of relaxation on your phone. Join Sim Hospital to become a talented entrepreneur and grow your own hospital.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Sim Hospital MOD APK or Sim Hospital Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.