Name Shadow Stickman
Publisher ONESOFT
Size 47M
Latest Version 1.61
Platforms Android+
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Are you looking for a unique fighting game right on the mobile phone? In this article, we will introduce you to a fighting game combined with traditional stickman style that, will definitely make you feel extremely excited. After the success of a series of products such as Shadow Fight 3 or Stickman Legends, it seems the game market has become extremely bustling. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to find a game that suits your interests in the present time. Shadow Stickman (MOD, Unlimited Money) is also a game like that. Although it was released not long ago by publisher ONESOFT, it has received many positive reviews from many of the famous game critics. Let’s find out about it right away.

The gameplay is simple but extremely interesting

In game Shadow Stickman, the player will play a hero with an unidentified destiny. How do you see the future? That is your mission. Choose one of the different fighting styles that the game brings. Can test to combine weapons, learn a few new moves and explore the vast, adventurous world full of challenges but also very Surprisingly interesting during the experience. All of these activities will make you feel extremely excited and unable to take your eyes off the phone screen when enjoying the game.

Control system

Especially, the control system in this game will be designed similar to other role-playing games in the market. If you have ever experienced the famous Shadow Fight series, we are sure that it will not take you much time to get used to how to move and attack in Shadow Stickman. Virtual keys in the game are integrated relatively intuitive, namely that the player will control his or her character by moving the virtual button to the left or right. In addition, the skill system will be displayed on the right of the experience screen, to help the player to easily control with both hands during the experience process.

However, if you think you just need to press any button to attack and expect good results, you’re probably wrong. To win the game, need to be smart in choosing the appropriate attacks. Each skill is useful in some situations, so don’t underestimate any skills you currently own.

Dangerous journey

It can be seen, Shadow Stickman is a game developed in the usual arcade-style, so players need to destroy all enemies in each game screen if they want to win. Your enemies will become stronger over time. So if you lose focus for a short time, you will get failed quickly. In addition, your opponent may be ghosts that appear in the form of a dry skeleton, especially that they are integrated with the ability to fight extremely physically and mentally in order to make you feel difficult right from the first time you experience.

In addition, the player’s skill set will be designed according to the character class you choose before starting the game. Therefore, you can use swords, bows or hammers, be provided with weapons compatible skills you already own. It will be a powerful assistant to help you overcome the difficult challenges that the game brings. But first, you need to learn how to master proficiency to maximize the power of each weapon.

Upgrade characters

Like other fighting elements, the player must upgrade their characters quite often to increase the chances of winning each level. Through the progress of playing, you will unlock more character fighting skills of the character. The more skills have, the more character becomes flexible in combat situations. Also, do not forget to visit features like Heroes, Shop, Craft … to help character become stronger in the next screenplay offline.

Graphics and sound create a strong impression

The graphics in Shadow Stickman is considered a very powerful upgrade version compared to other games of the same genre. In this game, most of the outstanding image details such as costumes, weapons, and skills are shown quite well, promising to make players feel extremely satisfied during the experience. In addition, you can freely customize the graphics quality in the game so that it is most compatible with the mobile device.

Sound is also a highlight to make this game more attractive. The music and attack effects are designed to be very lively, giving the player more excitement in the battles they participate in.


Shadow Stickman is really a role-playing game that combines with the full stickman style on the mobile platform. It will give players the most realistic battles and challenges throughout the experience, through which you will experience an extremely diverse system of skills that are built-in. In addition, players can use different key combinations to create special attacks, to destroy opponents in the fastest time possible.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Shadow Stickman MOD APK or Shadow Stickman Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.