Name Shadow of Death
Publisher Zonmob Game Studio
Size 99M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 4.1
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Crystals/Souls


Darkness is covered around the world, the forces of darkness constantly invaded and destroyed the places where we go through. You have to do something to help people escape from the present, this is a difficult task for the player but it brings a lot of interesting and attractive. You’re ready to join the Shadow of Death (MOD, Unlimited Crystals/Souls) to rescue the world from the forces of evil have not yet? Download game in AppStore or Google Plays to do it right away. In addition, the integrated link below APK this article will also be a choice extremely reasonable. Let’s find out what you need to know before you start your challenge in the game.

The plot is well invested

The story begins with the Aurora capital, the place where King Luther is ruled. He is a talented person who always understands the desires of the people here so that the kingdom becomes very prosperous and powerful. The mysterious source of magic Luther King helped ensure the safety of the kingdom for decades. Everything is in the order of stability until the 15th king Luther King. Because he wanted to bring his sister back from the dead, he had studied the bad kinds of magic to serve his own desires. The consequence of doing wrong is creating an epidemic everywhere and bringing a dark army from hell. They are a direct threat to the survival of the entire human race and make people’s lives become more difficult than ever. This is also the darkest period of Aurora for decades.

In the game, you will be transformed into Max – a great general under King Luther 14. You must find the cause and bring Aurora back to its original peace. Try to find the heroes throughout the kingdom to help you destroy all of the evil forces that exist.

Interface dark colored

The main interface of the game is furnished in black tones mainstream, this will help players feel the mystery and clear indication of the danger that awaits him in the journey ahead. With features such as Skill, Equipment, Shop, Challenge, etc. integrated on the game screen you will be able to easily manipulate and understand the necessary parameters of yourself. You need to give your character a name before embarking on this exciting adventure, picking out a name that appeals to excitement throughout the game experience.

Rescue kingdom

Shadow of Death will allow players to engage in instant battles without going through any guidance. You will have to control your character to destroy all the monsters on the map to win the game. The first game screen will be relatively simple to help players can become familiar with the control system that the game brings. After completing the mission, you will be taken to another location to continue your journey. This will help the pace of the game becomes seamless and create excitement for players to enjoy.

Upgrade character

Initially, you can only use normal attacks to fight monsters in the game. Try to overcome plenty of challenges to unlock new skills for the character, while optimizing the power that they bring gold to make more money in each game screen. Gold will help players upgrade their character skills or buy the necessary equipment to increase their attacking or defensive abilities. In addition, you can use them to own other characters in the game. Each character will possess different strengths and skills that will allow the player to alternate between battles.

Unique graphic style

Shadow of Death is built on the platform that beautiful 3D graphics. Especially the details in the game are built in unique style promises to make players feel very exciting when enjoying the game. The characters in the game are depicted with mysterious dark shadows that make up the attraction and make the battle more attractive than ever.

How to download Shadow of Death

Can be seen Shadow of Death learn a lot from the famous role-playing game Shadow Fight. However, it has improved a lot in terms of gameplay as well as the quality of the graphics that will surely become one of the most popular games of the time today. With more than 5,000,000 installs on CH Play, it also proves the appeal of this game to players around the world. How about you? Download and explore the exciting adventure in the game now. If you’re ready, you can download Shadow of Death, which has both iOS and Android versions. This is really best action RPG ever!

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Shadow of Death MOD APK or Shadow of Death Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.