Name RWBY: Amity Arena
Publisher NHN Corp
Size 70M
Latest Version 1.6.0.KG
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


RWBY: Amity Arena APK (English Version) is a game based on the popular RWBY anime manga from Japan. For those who love the comic, will certainly know about RWBY because it possesses extremely interesting circumstances and made a strong impression on many people around the world. The publisher NHN Entertainment Corp has decided to bring players an enjoyable experience, through the improved gameplay of RWBY: Amity Arena. Developed in a card-style style combined with endless adventures, certainly will not make you feel good during the experience. Games are now available on Appstore and Google Play, allowing players to download and enjoy games quickly.

The plot retained

The plot of the game is kept intact compared to the original manga as it focuses on four main characters Weiss, Blake, Ruby, and Yang. They are close friends and live in a world called Remnant. This is a land of peace, people are always in a state of happy and satisfied with what they already own. However, the creatures of Grimm have invaded and directly threatened the lives of people here. In the game, you will have to control one of four characters to stand up the fight to protect the safety of this land. Find your teammates throughout the game experience to complete this noble mission. What are you waiting for? Download the game using the APK link below this article and do it right now.

Meet new teammates

In addition to the main characters, RWBY: Amity Arena also allows players to meet and reunite with characters who have appeared in the original comic. Each character in the game possesses different looks and different skills that make it easier for the player to choose the character. They are equipped with different weapons with the common name is Dust, you can rely on the power of each weapon to own yourself a suitable character. Please arrange your squad very reasonable to be able to optimize the power of each character.

Traditional card gameplay

The gameplay of RWBY: Amity Arena is quite similar to the military game released on the market today such as Clash of Clans or Boom Beach. You can adjust your army appropriately to destroy enemy houses and gain victory quickly. In addition, players must ensure their defense system by arranging the defense army before the attack from the enemy. In general, you have to balance the attack and defense to win each battle.

Players only need to touch the game screen to arrange their troops landed on the desired position. This will help you to create new tactics to make the enemy lose easily. Note, you are only released in a designated area from the game. Each type of troops in the game will possess different strength requires players to combine very reasonable to be able to optimize the power that they bring. After releasing an army any, players have to wait a short time again to be able to continue using them. You need to focus on the game if you do not want the enemy to destroy your home easily.

The display quality not too nice

Seemed RWBY: Amity Arena will be equipped with 3D graphics format, but unfortunately the quality of the game show stands at 2D. The details in the game are not thoroughly scrutinized image but can still satisfy the player does not require too high in terms of graphics. In general, the game still resonates the characters from the famous RWBY series. If not a hardcore player then RWBY: Amity Arena can fully meet your needs right from the first experience.

Unlike the visual aspect, the quality of the sound in RWBY: Amity Arena is invested quite carefully when it comes to exciting background music so players can feel relaxed as soon as the game experience fierce. In addition, the voices generated in the battles are reasonably well-integrated to create a very lively and exciting atmosphere.


RWBY: Amity Arena is actually a successful version of the adaptation of 50,000 installs on CH Play in a short amount of time. With what games bring, players will enjoy the great moments of experience right on their phones. Also, the next updated version will come with the new features extremely high quality in order to improve the player.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download RWBY: Amity Arena MOD APK or RWBY: Amity Arena Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.