Name Run Around 웃
Publisher Crazy Labs
Size 61M
Latest Version 1.8.5
Platforms Android 4.3, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Crazy Labs is well known for games such as Run Sausage Run, … they bring very simple gameplay but still capture the hearts of players from all over the world. In this article, I will introduce you Run Around 웃 (MOD, Unlimited Money) readers, the game is receiving a lot of positive reviews on the gameplay and how it works. It is known that this game is available on both Android and iOS operating system, with the price completely free. It will definitely be a suitable choice for those who are looking for a game to relax in their free time. Now, invite everyone to learn about the highlights of the Run Around  bring.

Running nonstop

In Run Around 웃, the player will be transformed into a character detained in a ghostly circle, you will have to run continuously to be able to secure his life. The circle will rotate at a fairly fast speed, if you do not move quickly you will face death when hit the built-in obstacles. Help your character escape the mysterious circle in this game, his life is waiting for you.

The gameplay is fairly simple

Run Around 웃 brings a strange scene when the main character is always running around the circle, especially since he will not stop until the game is over. The speed will not affect this game, ensuring the tempo remains the same and does not have anything to increase the speed. You just need to help your character cleverly avoid obstacles placed randomly along the way, they will take different shapes requiring players to know how to move properly to be able to win.

There will not be any instructions for the player when starting this journey, you will have to experience the game yourself to get valuable experience for yourself. After each game, you can definitely avoid the mistakes you made and overcome them quickly. The first challenge is quite simple, players can use it to get familiar with the way the game operates quickly. The game only ends when you are knocked down or moved around the circle while still ensuring your life. Remember, your character has only one life and if it is not careful then the bad will happen soon after.

Novelty of gameplay

The distance traveled in the circle will be marked with a white line, as it appears around the circle which means that you have won the game. Obstacles will appear to stop the character, which will make the game more attractive and exciting than ever. You have to do everything to get through the difficult stages and feel good to do that. Is not it great?

Overall, with the minimalist style of gameplay, will there’s not much to choose from in Runescape. You only have one task to try to Run Around 웃 the circle and be able to complete your task as quickly as possible, which is quite suitable for those who are looking for a game that is not too playable fussy.

Graphics are not so special

Crazy Labs publisher not too focused on the graphics for their games, they are always on the path to developing gameplay to compensate for the quality of the images. Run Around 웃 is also a new project, the game brings out the details are built not so prominent but still retain the traditional elder compared to his men. The details such as man rods, and circle, color change through each game,… also enough to make players feel satisfied with what the game brings, show that Run Around 웃 is suitable for many ages to experience. This is exactly what the publisher has pre-determined when developing this game.

Run Around  really attractive?

In general, Run Around 웃 is no less competitive than the game has simple gameplay on the market today. The game features special operation and new features in the design, promising to bring exciting entertainment to players right on their phone. Do not forget, regularly visit our website every day, to update more new games.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Run Around 웃 MOD APK or Run Around 웃 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.