Name RPG Toram Online
Publisher Asobimo
Size 81M
Latest Version 3.3.1
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features God Mode, Max Attack Speed


RPG Toram Online (MOD God Mode, Max Attack Speed) is a traditional role-playing game from Asobimo – one of the famous game publishers with headquarters in Japan. Like the games of the same genre as the Era of Celestials or Marvel Contest of Champions, the RPG Toram Online possesses relatively easy-to-understand gameplay with attractive and dramatic episodes that are logically incorporated and promise to give players great moments of experience. This game is set in an ancient setting originating from a cataclysm when the world became chaotic with the abundance of evil troops. Therefore, you will play the role of a guy performing the task of destroying evil forces to bring peace to all humanity. Are you ready to become a hero in RPG Toram Online? Download the game via the APK link below to do it now.

Create and customize suitable characters

Can say RPG Toram Online is a game in the role-playing games possesses the most diverse character customization system today. Players will have to follow the 4 steps from the game to create their own characters:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to choose the gender for your character, then fine-tune the skin color and choose one of the 3 height levels (low, medium and high) for the character easily.

Step 2: The player can customize the face, eyes, and eye color for the character with a lot of options built in this game.

Step 3: Next, you should choose the hairstyle for the character with a variety of hairstyle customization like Bangs, Back, and Tails. In addition, players can choose the hair color from a collection of 20 different colors to help the character become as prominent as possible.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to select the weapon for the character and begin the game experience process immediately.

The system of integrated characters is extremely diverse

Just like the games of the same genre, RPG Toram Online brings a lot of character classes to help players can easily choose in accordance with their own preferences. Each character class possesses completely different advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to read the information on each character carefully before making a final decision.

Archers: Archers possesses the furthest attack range of the character classes that this game brings. Archers’ weapons are bows that make damage easier than ever. However, to maximize the number of damage Archers brings, you need to control it skillfully because this character is very easy to die in battles.

Warriors: Known as the pioneering warriors in the war, Warriors possesses extremely impressive defense parameters to help the survival ability on the battlefield higher than the remaining characters.

Mages: The Mages character possesses the power by controlling all kinds of spell-related skills but is very weak in defense. The damage the effect that Mages relies on depends on the intelligence of the player in launching the skill because if you do not use the skill properly, this character will not maximize the power.

Fighters: Fighters is an extremely suitable choice for the attacking squad. With gloves attached as a weapon with high damage to help this character balance attack and defense, suitable for many different tactics in each battle.

The extremely familiar combat system

RPG Toram Online‘s battle system based on Point-and-click factor. Therefore, players can move their characters easily through touching the virtual joystick and touching the feature buttons located in the lower the right corner of the screen to perform the attack. Although this game does not possess the perfect combat system like the products of the same category, the Point-and-click operation works quite well to help the player’s experience process be guaranteed and as smooth as possible.

In addition, the mission system of the RPG Toram Online is mainly related to the activities of collecting booty and boss attack. This means that bosses will always have higher stats than your character so upgrading heroes play a very important role in every battle.

Beautiful 3D graphics format

It can be seen that the graphics of the RPG Toram Online is upgraded a lot compared to the previous games from the publisher Asobimo. The interface system, as well as details in the game, are really brilliant with bright and vivid colors that will surely give you the impression right from the first experience. Images in the game are designed in a familiar cartoon style suitable for many players around the world. In addition, the motion effect in the game is really smooth and gentle, so you’ll rarely and almost never be delayed during the game’s enjoyment.

RPG Toram Online is really a very rewarding game

With a familiar anime-style character system with traditional Point-and-click gameplay, RPG Toram Online is clearly a game worth experimenting in the present time if you are a lover Like MMORPG game genre. We recommend that you try playing this game at least once because it is really attractive. Be quick to download the game and experience it now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download RPG Toram Online MOD APK or RPG Toram Online Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.