Name Rolly Vortex
Publisher VOODOO
Size 58M
Latest Version 1.8
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No ADS


Rolly Vortex (MOD, No ADS) is an entertaining game with the familiar gameplay, released by the company Voodoo on the Android platform and iOS. Been a lot of young people love the last time, because owning a simple gameplay, no character system, and many attractive game modes. Gives players the feeling of non-stop fun, Rolly Vortex proves himself to be an addictive game not inferior to previous games. The following, APKMOD will introduce you to the great features in this game.

Introduce Rolly Vortex – Endless tunnel

Join the game Rolly Vortex, you will experience a simple game when just control the ball moving over obstacles. This game has only one mode for players to explore, but not so boring by the challenges players can overcome extremely difficult, requiring fast control and reflexes very good.

How to play and advice

Just starting the game Rolly Vortex, you will take some time to familiarize yourself with the game’s title. With obstacle course square and round, create small slots to move the ball. Your task is cleverly take the ball through the small gap, these small slots are arranged according to a rule in the game from easy to difficult. To control the ball, you need to combine the swipe left or right, to move the ball to avoid obstacles.

Note: If the player does not control the ball over that slot and touches obstacles, the game will end and force you to play again. Therefore, you need to do everything possible, this gets through the game and gets the highest score. The difficulty of the game will increase, as the speed of the ball moving faster, the player will be difficult to control the ball over the small slot. In addition, these slots are also narrow, so a player needs are calm and skillful to overcome.


Apart from the task screen pass play, you also have to eat as many diamonds on the way through the small gap. You will use this diamond number to unlock the next ball, with new balls having new shapes and colors. If you are lucky, you can open a special ball of different colors glittering like a pearl.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Rolly Vortex brings players a 3D platform with a simple and harmonious style. The main interface is bright white, which makes the player easier to see and control. With beautiful designs, from the ball, obstacle course, they are meticulously polished. The sound system is vibrant, with classical music without lyrics, creating a new feel for the player.

The end

Overall, Rolly Vortex is a highly entertaining game that helps players relax every day. If you are suffering from stress, you can download this game to your cell phone to relieve stress. Currently, Rolly Vortex is supporting Android (Google Play) and iOS (AppStore) platforms. In addition, you can download the free Rolly Vortex, provided by us below this article.

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