Name RebirthM
Size 75M
Latest Version 1.00.0116
Platforms Android
Price Free
MOD Features No


After a long time, the finally RebirthM APK has officially been available on both Android and iOS. This game is expected to continue the success of traditional MMORPGs. It can be said that the publisher of Caret Games has brought a full-fledged game, to become one of the monuments of the action game market. Players will be immersed in the mysterious world, and examine the secret that is integrated throughout the game experience. In this article, we will learn together the interesting points from RebirthM this.

Enter the mysterious world

Before joining the game, you will be choosing a character for yourself. The game RebirthM brings four different classes of characters such as Slayer, Wizard, Berserker, and Ranger. Each character will own the same strength and utility, so you should choose according to your preferences to enjoy the fun during the game experience. At the beginning of the game, it’s time to enter the mysterious world of new things waiting for you. Download the game and experience the full range of exciting emotions that the game brings right away.

You will be introduced to RebirthM’s fast-paced operation through a built-in tutorial system. Players only need to follow the first tips to be able to understand more about this game. Once you are familiar with the game, you are free to move and explore the mysteries that await you.

How intuitive controls

Control manipulation in RebirthM is visually displayed through the game screen. Still like other MMORPGs, the virtual steering wheel placed on the left will help you control your character moving as you like. A variety of skill sets will be integrated to the right of the game screen, which will make the player easy to manipulate without spending too much time training.

Multiform skill system

RebirthM focuses on exploiting the character skills, after leveling up the player can gain new skills to increase damage to the character. In addition, you can make beautiful combo strings to defeat enemies in the blink of an eye. With each skill, it will bring about certain effects, you need to work properly to maximize the power it brings.

Ultimate Boss Hunting Mode

With a relatively varied quest system, players can explore the mysteries of the game by following the arrangement from the publisher. You will be challenged by easy-to-find missions, and after completing each mission you will receive a lot of valuable rewards.

In addition, RebirthM also brings interesting Boss hunting mode, you must cooperate with other players to defeat the Boss possesses the power of destruction. They will bring a lot of valuable items for you, but luck is the factor that is placed on the top in this mode. There will be a lot of people scrambling to equip with you, or manipulate the character is clever to get the item you want to.

If you are feeling frustrated with the complex task system, you can participate in PK battles with other players. To win the game requires players to be highly skilled, to work agile perform their own chain of attacks, while avoiding the phases of the enemy to gain advantage certain.

Beautiful design

With a regular game MMORPG, the graphics are the most noticeable. RebirthM is also a 3D-ready game that delivers crisp visual quality, gameplay effects detailed in detail and smooth transition effects that will surely make the player feel good when the game experience. However, to ensure stability throughout the game, your device must have a fairly high profile.

RebirthM really doing better than the rest?

Nowadays, there are many popular MMORPGs on the AppStore and CH Play. However, RebirthM debuted as a challenger to his senior, with what brought the game to a whole new level of success. If you love this game, it is possible to experience download via the link below we provide.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download RebirthM MOD APK or RebirthM Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.