Name Rayman Adventures
Publisher Ubisoft
Size 31M
Latest Version 3.9.0
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Coins


Not long ago, the father of Hungry Shark World has released Rayman Adventures (MOD, Unlimited Coins) – the game of a traditional scene combined with great acrobatics will definitely make you feel good the first time experience. Publisher Ubisoft has become quite popular with players from all over the world, is well known for gameplay and visual simple, and have a solid foothold in the gaming market today. Rayman Adventures is available on both Google Play and Appstore stores, which will make it easy for you to download and enjoy a game that is available immediately. Let’s find out some special points from Rayman Adventures through this article.

The plot is familiar

Rayman Adventures brings the plot not too unfamiliar to the player, you will transform into a guy on his way to find his own treasure. Each trip will be an exciting but dangerous destination awaiting you. You must help your character to be safe while collecting pets along the way, which will help you a lot on the next journey. Overall, the storyline is relatively straightforward, so it’s easy for players to familiarize themselves with, and not feel a bit overwhelmed.

An interesting journey

The journey of the player in the game follows the plot that the publisher has built in. This will make your adventure more seamless, making it fun to play the game for a long time. Before the start of the game, the tutorial system will help you familiarize yourself with how Rayman Adventures works. It will not be too picky, be focused to be able to master the operation if you do not want to spend too much time. The control in this game is pretty simple, just touch the screen to do your work. The gestures in the game are quite rich, so you can do the swiping gestures on the screen, just like the rest, all are specifically instructed upon the start of the game experience.

The adventure of the player begins immediately after completing the basic tutorial. Each stage will be a difficult challenge, Rayman Adventures brings a lot of pitfalls and is waiting to knock you down at any time. If you not careful, they can get you back to zero quickly and have to re-experience it. Believe me, this will not be fun at all. Rayman Adventures also offers a relatively varied pet system, which will become true combatants throughout the journey. You can collect pets while playing on your screen, they will bring different effects, players can choose according to the ability that pet pets or lovely shapes according to their preferences of each person. Is not it great?

Special things will appear constantly

In the game experience, you just have to pay attention to what’s on the way while finding cleverly secret to get past the exit of the seemingly impossible path. This interesting thing there will be continuous density in Rayman Adventures, which will surprise the players in the game experience. Vikings style soldiers are also a good example. Are you ready to take part in an endless adventure in this game?

Beautifully designed

Publisher Ubisoft did not disappoint us by equipping Rayman Adventures with beautiful 3D graphics. The journey will bring different colors, creating newness for players participating in this game. The details in the game get a very reasonable description, in accordance with the culture of each land, will certainly make you feel very excited to experience.

Rayman Adventures was really good

Compared to his male counterparts, Rayman Adventures is even more outspoken with what it offers. The game features a compelling gameplay style and beautiful graphics, enhancing the player’s experience to the maximum. Do not hesitate anymore, please download the game and start your own journey right now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Rayman Adventures MOD APK or Rayman Adventures Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.