Name Rangers of Oblivion
Publisher GTarcade
Size 100M
Latest Version 1.2.10
Platforms Android 4.2
Price Free
MOD Features No


Not long ago, Rangers of Oblivion APK – the globalized version of the game Soul of Hunter – has been launched in the gaming market and has a powerful effect that makes players around the world be excited to download and experience. Earlier, the game was only released in the Chinese market and quickly became one of the hottest superheroes at the time. This caused the publisher of GTarcade to develop and launch Rangers of Oblivion to players around the world based on the original version. This game is now available on Google Play and the App Store, especially since it’s free so players can easily download games right away. First, please refer to this article to understand more about the necessary information before enjoying the game.

Monsters appear everywhere

The setting of Rangers of Oblivion is fantasy land, where beasts appear everywhere and directly threaten the safety of humans. In the game, you will be transformed into a true hero to carry out the mission to protect the peace of all humanity against the potential threats from the monster giant. In general, the plot of the game does not have so many points compared to the same product category, but still gives players the feeling of fun to experience.

Familiar controlling manipulation

Rangers of Oblivion provides a highly intuitive and easy-to-understand system that will allow players to master quickly without wasting too much time. The game also features a virtual steering wheel on the left side of the screen to allow the character to move easily, and the skill set will be integrated on the right side of the screen so you can easily manipulate it by both hands. Overall, not much change in the control system is a very accurate decision from the publisher.

Become a monster hunter

The main task of the player in Rangers of Oblivion is to destroy as many monsters as possible, thereby gaining valuable rewards for upgrading weapons or equipping their characters. Hundreds of monsters of all sizes and powers and the next update will include new monsters that will make the game world more alive and well.

Each type of monster possesses different strengths and weaknesses that make it difficult for players to fight them. You need to come up with a rational strategy combined with agility if you want to defeat them and get valuable rewards in the game. In addition, Rangers of Oblivion encourages players to fight alongside other teammates to support each other in critical situations.

Discover the unique features

Rangers of Oblivion offers more than 10 different game modes to keep players entertained throughout the game experience. You should alternately change the game mode to avoid boring situations when enjoying the game for a long time.

The weapons system in the game is divided into six major categories such as Lance, Twin Blades, Greatsword, Longbow, Staff, and Gauntlets. This will make it easy for players to choose the weapon that fits their character. In addition, you can train to increase the power of the weapon by defeating the monster giant.

The mission system in the game is also varied and changed every day, this will give players the feeling of fun when the game experience. You need to complete the assigned tasks in order to receive valuable rewards, unlocking the next mission and conquering harder challenges.

Rangers of Oblivion gives players an open world, which allows you to freely do whatever you like without having to follow any rules from the game. Explore new lands, meet players all over the world, find treasures everywhere, hunt rare monsters … You are ready to create your own life in this game? Do this by downloading the game via the APK link below this article.

Plus points come from graphics

Equipping with 3D graphics makes the display quality in the game more advanced than ever, this will make you feel excited right from the first experience. The environment in Rangers of Oblivion is always changing as the outside world makes life in the game more lively than ever. You will be able to see the sunrise, watch the tide, blast into the snowstorm … In addition, the transition effects in the game are really smooth to highlight the effects of fighting characters, create beautiful battles eyes but no less drastic.

Sum up

Rangers of Oblivion possesses so many outstanding features that every facet of the game will bring out the appeal. You will enjoy a world rich and free to break all the limits in this game. This is also the most exciting highlight for the game to reach a large number of players around the globe. In addition, other factors such as beautiful image quality along with living sound also contribute to the success of the game to the present time.

It can be said that Rangers of Oblivion has the same graphics as many PC games. In return, the game is very large (1.1 GB) and requires highly configurable devices.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Rangers of Oblivion MOD APK or Rangers of Oblivion Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.