Name PUBG Mobile
Publisher Tencent
Size 45M
Latest Version 0.15.0
Platforms Android 4.3, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Perhaps PUBG is no stranger to those who love this type of survival game. This game was originally developed on the PC platform by the publisher of PUBG Corporation and has quickly become one of the most popular titles ever. Realizing this invaluable bargain, shortly after, Tencent’s publisher negotiated with Bluehole to bring PUBG to the mobile platform called PUBG Mobile APK + OBB. With the original PC gameplay, this game has received a lot of support from players around the world, plus it’s been developed for free on both Android and iOS. That’s why PUBG Mobile is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the most epic survival game. In this article, I will help you understand more about this game, and have a more intuitive view of PUBG Mobile, the most popular game in the mobile game market.

Way more simple control

PUBG Mobile is developed on the mobile platform, so it’s not too difficult to understand when its control operation is easier than the PC version, helping players quickly get used to the experience. The virtual keys are visually integrated on the game screen, so you can easily control your character performing the task from simple to complex. This saves the player time as compared to the PC version.

Generally, manipulation of PUBG Mobile control is not much different than other titles on survival. Players do not have to memorize each keyboard shortcut just like on a PC, everything is set up by the publisher to help you get the most out of your experience.

Survival traditional style

The player’s role in PUBG Mobile is not much different than the original version on PC, with you having to fight with other players to win the last one. The winner is always the bravest, you are ready to become the longest survivor in PUBG Mobile yet?

At the start of the game, you will be joined with other players in an airplane that will lead you to a deserted island where the war will be fierce and tough. Players will be selected to land, choose the right time, the land where there are few other players to avoid being defeated by enemies quickly. Then you should look at the houses that are scattered on the map, to get the proper weapons before facing the enemy. Be careful in every step of the move, because your opponent will be everywhere and ready to kill your life in no time.

In order to ensure the distance between the players, the safety ring will appear for a certain period of time. You have to try to move to a safe area if you do not want to lose the network humor. Also, note the surrounding terrain, enemies can take advantage of this opportunity to knock you down.

Other interesting details

The weapons, characters, equipment are kept original compared to the original version on the PC. The equipment is divided into 3 different levels, players must try to collect items of high level, to increase survival as high as possible.

PUBG Mobile offers three different game modes: single player, duo, squads for players to choose from. In all three modes, the speed of the round bo will occur faster than the original version, players need to move properly if not want to die outside the bo.

PUBG Mobile FAQs

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.14.0?

1. New Team Deathmatch mode.
2. Enhance the fraud detection system.
3. In Vikendi, players will leave footprints, wheel marks on the snow.
4. New gift system
5. Fix existing errors.

Is there a MOD version of PUBG Mobile?

We can’t confirm this. This is an online game with high security, so there is currently no MOD version for this game.

Beautiful graphics and Sounds vibrant

Although developed on the mobile platform, PUBG Mobile really impressed me in terms of graphics. The interesting feature of this game is excellent quality identical to the PC version. Additional details such as houses, characters, trees,… are meticulously cared for in all aspects, making this game really fascinating. Everything is released by Tencent the publisher most vividly, to bring out the best experience for the player. Is not it great?

In addition, the sound system in PUBG Mobile is extremely vibrant, giving players the most dramatic experience. With gunshots, car rides, and airplanes, players have the most authentic experience.

The end

Although there are many other titles in the genre of survival that compete in the market, PUBG Mobile is always at the top of the popular games popular. Owning the gameplay and operating mode is the same as the original, promising to make players feel satisfied and always want to enjoy the arena of this attractive life. If you are curious and want to experience this product, can Download PUBG Mobile now to enjoy the most dramatic battle.

I only play the iOS version on iPhone X only 3 hours only. But it’s okay to play a free real PUBG is also a great thing, right? If you are interested in this game, you can download it via the link which APKMody located at the bottom of this article, including the direct download link for the APK, iOS and Android version of the game.

Update: PUBG Mobile Lite will really make it easy for low-end devices with low battery capacity.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download PUBG Mobile MOD APK or PUBG Mobile Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.