Name Project QT
Publisher Nutaku
Size 49M
Latest Version 2.0
Platforms Android 5.0
Price Free
MOD Features Menu, Damage x15, God Mode, Auto Win


Games that are labeled 18+ are becoming more and more popular these days, and they are receiving a lot of love from players around the world, especially adolescents. Some of the extremely familiar games that are considered exclusively for players over the age of 18 such as Pocket Waifu or Fap CEO. The special thing is that both these games are developed by Nutaku – a famous game publisher based in Canada.

Recently, they have been launching their latest product called Project QT (MOD God Mode, High Damage, Auto Win) which promises to bring players completely new moments of experience. Basically this is an adventure game combined with traditional action style, and it is important that indispensable images of hot girls throughout the experience. Are you ready to explore this game yet? First, let us learn briefly about it.

The plot is not really clear

Unlike other similar products on the game market today, Project QT does not possess a clear storyline to make people feel curious during enjoyment. To explain this, the publisher Nutaku said that they only focus on developing in terms of gameplay and graphics so the plot of this game will be extremely simple but no less attractive.

Basically, you can see that the context in the game is based on the fantasy world where people use a lot of new technology to serve their material and spiritual life. However, a dark force coming from aliens suddenly comes to earth and is ready for a perfect invasion. Facing the above situation, a group of female heroes has gathered to fight and protect the peace of all humanity.

In Project QT, the player’s task is to find different powerful girls from around the world to form a strong army if they want to fight the dark forces from another planet. This is essentially an extremely difficult task, so you must really understand the gameplay and how to operate this game if you want to do extraordinary miracles.

Fight in the traditional match-3 style

It is noticeable that Project QT‘s gameplay is really different from other action games on the game market today. Specifically, players will experience the traditional match-3 style to help their characters fight and launch logical skill chains to destroy all opponents on the map. Basically, players need to combine power stones of the same color on the experience screen to make them explode. It is important that you need to connect them seamlessly from 3 similar stones to be able to accomplish your purpose. Each stone will have a different attribute index that directly affects any character in your team, so you need to combine them appropriately to strength enhancement your hot girls.

Compete with other players

Project QT is an online action-adventure game so players can easily compete with other players around the world through an internet connection. This means that you will face many different challenges throughout the course of the game, so please do the operation as quickly and reasonably as possible if you do not want to let the opponents beat. With the globalization feature that the game brings, players can interact, learn and discover ways to upgrade warriors to be stronger than ever.

Besides, Project QT also integrates an extremely unique prisoner collection feature. In particular, the prisoners will be the defeated opponents at your hands in each different battle. Remember that each enemy team will have a certain leader, and you will add their commander to your prisoner collection if you win that match.

The graphics are extremely beautifully designed

The graphics quality of Project QT is also one of the important factors that help it win the hearts of many players around the world. The anime-style has the most beautiful display quality at the moment.

The system of in-game effects is shown in a very intuitive and colorful way, along with a way of designing familiar chibi-style characters that will make you feel extremely excited right from the first experience. Besides, the battles in the game also show its inheritance through colors that are harmoniously coordinated to make the player feel as vivid as possible.


Project QT is not only a casual anime-style game but it is also an attractive product in many respects that promises to bring you the necessary charms right in the first experience of the game. The play of this game also really makes a difference compared to other products of the same genre, so players will easily feel the newness that it brings. If you are looking for a game that has traditional action gameplay combined with typical anime style, Project QT will definitely be a great choice at the moment.

Note, this game is currently not available on the App Store and Google Play. Therefore, you can only download the game via the APK link below this article if you really want to experience it. Don’t worry because the setup will be very simple and won’t take you too much time.

Notes: Please select a link to download Project QT for free. You can choose the MOD (Menu, Damage x15, God Mode, Auto Win) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.