Name Project: Battle
Publisher NetEase
Size 53M
Latest Version 0.100.143
Platforms Android 4.0, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Survival has always been a hot topic in the mobile game market, which has been heavily exploited by publishers for years. And especially after the great success of game PUBG Mobile. Recently, the famous NetEase Games publisher from China has officially entered the race for survival games. It is known that this game called Project: Battle APK, is a brand new name for fans around the world. However, it is expected to bring us a completely different experience compared to the games of the same category before. Although, the gameplay of Project: Battle brings the familiar features of other survival games, but still retains the traditional gameplay that the publisher wants to target. Currently, the game is available on both Android and iOS operating system, with large capacity up to 1.2 GB. However, certainly will not affect the appeal of this game.

Introduce Project: Battle – New survival game extremely interesting

The gameplay of Project: Battle, similar to other popular survival games such as Rules Of Survival has made successful before. Therefore, the genre of games that survive on mobile devices will not be easy. However, the publisher of NetEase Games has done a great job, and it gives people a lot of fun. With the fascinating gameplay, will definitely make the player feel good.

Familiar gameplay

Start the game Project: Battle, you will be brought to a desert island to start the war of survival with 99 other people. At first, you can choose between landing safely on the ground, or into the sea if you swim. When you fall to the ground, you observe and find a suitable house to collect equipment. Players should be equipped with basic items such as guns, hats, armor, bullets,… and destroy the enemy. But do not forget the main task is to find ways to finish off all the rest and become the winner.

The game requires tactical thinking, the ability to recognize subtle situations and agility, to become the last survivor of an uncompromising battle. Project: Battle promises to bring suspense, culminating in the fiery encounter to fight for life.

Large map

Owns a relatively large island, where the war of survival is encircled by the ocean. That means you have to fight until death, without any other escape. There will be a safe loop located on the map, where players must find a way to enter the loop to avoid continuous blood loss, if not to lose quickly. The circle is narrowed by the time the game takes place, bringing the players closer together and easily end the opponent.

Varied equipment system

Project: Battle brings the most modern weapons, allowing players to struggle to gain an advantage in each encounter. Not only military weapons, but the game also brings Bazooka gun, a weapon with absolute power. Owning Bazooka will allow you to easily kill enemies quickly. However, Bazooka is limited, so consider using it.

In particular, players can experience the awesome cars in the game, they will help you move faster and are also good bulletproof, providing higher survivability. However, moving vehicles will cause noise, allowing the enemy to seize the opportunity to ambush and destroy you at any time.

Impressive graphics

Project: Battle delivers stunning 3D graphics, but there are also some familiar touches in the line of survival games. With so many bright colors designed, you will think this is a walk, not a battle for true survival. The scenery is pretty well-chiseled, and characters in the game are shown quite vividly. Believe that, in the future, this game will attract a large number of players around the globe. It can be said that Project: Battle offers unique advantages over other titles of the same genre. Of course, there are still some downsides, but this is still a game worth a try. Download Project: Battle to enjoy and experience game this.

Codes for Project: Battle

  1. Code for L-Coins – 43X738FFO- enter this code and get 150 000 gold coins.
  2. Code for E-Coins – O84K46XV4 – this code will give 10 000 silver coins.

The end

Overall, Project: Battle is an extremely new and unique survival game, sure to make people feel good. If you love this game, you can download Project: Battle for Android, iOS for free via the link below this article. Do not forget, regularly visit our website every day, to update more games new.

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