Name Partia 3
Publisher Imago Software
Size 95M
Latest Version 1.0.7
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 7.0
Price $6.99
MOD Features No


Role-playing games seem to be quite popular and attract a lot of interest from players who love this genre. At the present time, most of these style games like Marvel Strike Force or Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival, is integrated with many complex features with modern context, and graphics invested with a great investment. However, somewhere there is still a part of players looking for games with the classic image to desire to return to childhood again through the experience process. And perhaps, Partia 3 APK +OBB is the most suitable choice at the present time. This is the third part recently released by Imago Software to follow the success of the famous Partia series before that. Therefore, you can be assured of the fun and excitement that this game brings. But before starting the experience, let’s learn some of its outstanding features.

The story of the game

Partia 3‘s story revolves around a young prince’s battle against hostile forces to resolve territorial conflict conflicts. The prince’s main enemy in this section is his best friend. This man had a vicious conspiracy before and he made an assassination attempt on the emperor with the intention of ruling the nation and establishing the colony. However, the prince is the rightful successor of this throne who is quite young in leading and controlling soldiers. And he needs your help to be able to complete the task. You will accompany your main character to defeat all enemies and protect the freedom of the nation and the world. Are you ready? Show your skills and calculations in Partia 3 by clicking on the link below to download the game now.

Perform tasks with your character

In the beginning, the game will provide a written tutorial system to help you better understand the game’s information. However, the game will not tell you how to play because its gameplay was very familiar to gamers. Similar to other role-playing games, in Partia 3 you need to build your kingdom and recruit soldiers to help strengthen your power. The game offers a wide variety of different soldiers with separate combat missions such as cavalry, knight, archer,…

Note, you need to know how to allocate your soldiers to suitable locations with the combat nature of each type so that they can maximize their power. In addition, you should gather a diverse army to help balance the formation and promote synergy. Each of your decisions in this game has certain effects on the outcome of the match you participate in. Try to observe carefully and combine some tricks to help you pass each level easily.

Simple control mechanism

Partia 3 provides a relatively simple control system. When you have completed the recruitment of soldiers, if you want to carry out the attack, just click on your army. After that, a series of control directions will appear including attacking, using the item, moving to another position, etc. The player only needs to click to select the desired target, the army will execute the command immediately later.

You need to pass 30 levels that this game brings. Each level corresponds to different locations and tasks with challenges and difficulties always waiting for players to conquer. As you go through many levels, you will need to try harder, think more carefully and calculate more details because your opponent will become stronger. Also, when you win a match, you will receive valuable rewards including gold coins. Should use it reasonably to help upgrade and improve your army.

Classic graphics

Partia 3 is a strategic role-playing game SRPG (Strategy Role-playing) with 16-bit quality graphics gently for Android models. Players will be immersed in the classic world of medieval warriors intermingled with unique magic science fiction elements. This is also the most prominent feature making the game different from the rest of the game market is saturated. Image quality makes us think of old games that are very popular on phones. Therefore, it brings a familiar and close feeling to help the player be immersed in childhood again with Partia 3. However, the game also incorporates some new features from the plot, characters come to various types of soldiers. Therefore, players can still feel the breeze of modern-day trends.

Why is Partia 3 worth experiencing at the present time?

As can be seen, Partia 3 is not invested too much-complicated detail that most typical is that it maintains the familiar gameplay and classic graphics. But that makes it more popular because players can play games on many phones including the low profile. In addition, the game is absolutely a priority choice for players who love simplicity and do not require a high image. Now, the game is available on Google Play for a fee for each installation. However, downloading games to your phone using the APK link below is also an optimal option to help save your cost and time.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Partia 3 MOD APK or Partia 3 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.