Name 2
Publisher VOODOO
Size 42M
Latest Version 1.5.1
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlocked


Voodoo has just released the game 2 (MOD, Unlocked), a product promising to make players around the world feel excited again. They have created many warm welcome games like Helix Jump or TENKYU, and 2 is expected to become a strategic product to entice players in the present time. The game is an upgrade from its predecessor, bringing new innovations that will surely make you feel good from the first experience. 2 is available on both Android and iOS, allowing players to easily select and enjoy the game. In this article, I will introduce you to the highlights of the game.

Competitors on the market

With the launch of 2, the Voodoo publisher must have anticipated competitors who will be competing directly with them at the moment. This gameplay offers gameplay that is not too different from the first version but has improved significantly, overcoming the weaknesses to develop the highlights. As far as I’m aware, except for games that have gained a foothold in the gaming market like Flip the Gun or, 2 has the opportunity to become one of the most successful products to come from the publisher Voodoo.

Following the success

The first version has seen it’s record-breaking, has made a big hit in the gaming market and signaled the success of the Voodoo recently. Discovering the untapped potential of the original version, Voodoo continues to focus on developing and launching 2 – a game that inherits the essence and brings new innovations, promises appointments will help players to have great moments of experience.

The gameplay of 2 is not so different from the original version, it’s not just changing and some of the improvements the publisher brings. You will still face other players around the world thanks to the internet connection. Like the usual io games, you will engage in a never-ending battle. Each loser will have another person join immediately, this will make the game is always played at a high pace that you do not have peace when playing. In my opinion, this is also an interesting thing that io games bring, helping players to practice concentration, just a little mistake will make you lose at any time.

Extend territory

Your mission in 2 will be to expand your territory to the maximum you will always have to try to reach the highest score in this game. The best people will take advantage of each stage, they can easily kill the smaller prey without having to take any resistance.

The controls are quite simple, you just touch the screen to help your character move as you like. This will allow the player to comfortably dodge hunts from more powerful enemies, and try to endure revenge when you are strong enough. The player controls the character to reach the white space to expand his territory, so do not be too aggressive in attacking and occupying the land from the opponent because you can lose quickly.

By participating in the game, players will be given different lands of different colors, which will make it easier for you to distinguish and control them. Remember, you only have a single network in 2, be careful with your decisions, swift action to take advantage of the game is also a wise idea.

Traditional graphic style

Games come from the Voodoo publisher, which emphasizes simplicity in gameplay and graphics are not too fancy, still have good image quality. In general, the details in the game bring bright colors to help players enjoy a fierce battle but still maintain the necessary harmony.


Although not very noticeable improvements, 2 really made me feel attracted from the first experience. Coming to this game, you will engage in an uncompromising battle along with other players. Only 3 winners in the game will be honored in the rankings, which will make the game more competitive than ever. Are you ready to become the leader of 2?

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download 2 MOD APK or 2 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.