Name Overlords of Oblivion
Publisher Neocraft
Size 22M
Latest Version 1.0.19
Platforms Android 4.2, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


In this article, we will continue to evaluate the traditional role-playing game combined with many new features will certainly bring a wonderful experience. The name that is mentioned is Overlords of Oblivion APK + OBB – one of the hottest actionable role-playing games at the moment. This is a product from Neocraft Limited, they do not have too many products on the market so the game is equipped with all the outstanding features promising to bring you the fierce matches with new combat experience. Are you ready to start your journey in the Overlords of Oblivion yet? Firstly, download the game via the APK link below to do that right away.

The conflict has no end

The background in the game is exploited primarily by the endless war between the two angels and the devil. This is a topic that is mentioned in many literary works as well as the drama series that makes the players feel familiar when playing the game.

When the forces of angels and the devil are in the war, the human world will receive many benefits, they continually build the kingdoms prosperous and territorial expansion. Sometime later, some angels became allies of the devil and caused fierce attacks that left the balance broken again. The situation is extremely difficult, humanity is looking forward to a heroic standout fight to bring peace before. He is no other than you, join the Overlords of Oblivion to complete the high mission assigned.

Select the appropriate character

Before starting the game, you must choose a suitable character to accompany during the game experience. Overlords of Oblivion offers a relatively varied character system that allows players to select quickly without spending too much time. Remember that each character in the game will possess different strengths and abilities. The most important thing is how you will develop your character to maximize the power they bring.

Complete the basic training

Overlords of Oblivion is also equipped with a fairly easy-to-understand guide system, which will make it easy for players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay that comes with it in a short amount of time. Initially, players must follow the instructions given by the game to be able to complete the basic training. In addition, the in-game features are set in a traditional role-playing style with virtual keys placed visually on the experience screen that will surely give the player a sense of familiarity when experiencing.

Start the journey

Players will take part in their journey in the Overlords of Oblivion upon completion of the basic training. You will be confronted with monsters that appear throughout the map, initially weakening their strength so that the player easily defeats them.

Basically, the game’s gameplay revolves around tasks such as monster hunting, power-ups for characters, unlock new skills, fight with other players … Also, you can free to move around on the map to discover interesting hidden secrets. This will help players understand more about the storyline built into the game, creating a seamless feel throughout the game experience.

In addition to PvE activities, players can also participate in exciting PvP battles via the internet connection. Overlords of Oblivion offers a lot of exciting modes like 1vs1, 2vs2, 3v3, even up to 30vs30 that will definitely create a huge arena. These modes require you to have good cooperation with your teammates to be able to win every battle.

High-quality graphics

Overlords of Oblivion is equipped with extremely beautiful 3D graphics that players can enjoy the fierce battle in a very animated way. The in-game skill system is relatively well portrayed through the great color effects that will surely bring you the mighty combo, but no less powerful. The environment in the game is also carefully scrubbed to help players easily mix in the moments of exciting experiences that Overlords of Oblivion brought immediately.

Live sound

Just like the graphics, the in-game sound system is well-equipped with vibrant background music combined with the sound produced every time the player performs a promising operation that will bring a great battlefield atmosphere for players as soon as they enjoy. Note, your device needs to be connected to the internet to experience the game.

The end

With what it offers, Overlords of Oblivion deserves to be one of the most playable role-playing genres of all time. However, the game still has some disadvantages to be improved in the next update version if you want to win the love of players around the world. Because the new game was released shortly thereafter, players need to wait a little longer to experience the game smoothly and consistently.

You can download the game immediately with the APK link below this article to be able to make the most accurate assessment to help publishers overcome the outstanding problem.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Overlords of Oblivion MOD APK or Overlords of Oblivion Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.