Name Old School RuneScape
Publisher Jagex Games Studio
Size 5.8M
Latest Version 179.1
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


With the success of RuneScape since its first release in 2001, until the present time, it has achieved 260 million players worldwide. Discovering the potential of the MMO series, Jagex Games Studio has just released its next-generation test version called Old School RuneScape. Is expected to become a serial product admirable success from these products goes. Although this game has not been officially launched yet, these have received a lot of attention from players and they are always watching it step by step so that they can experience Old School RuneScape. In this article, I will help you better understand the operation and interesting things are waiting in this game.

Introduction to the Old School RuneScape

It can be said that the way of playing Old School RuneScape was built quite similar products of the same category. The game just improved in a number of points needed, but retains the traditional way of operating, in line with the needs of today’s players. Come to this game, you will be building your own life and participate in a large society, meet with other players around the world. This will create a community of gamers in the Old School RuneScape, and you will be able to get into the crowd and do whatever you like without being constrained by any rules.

Create your own life

Old School RuneScape will help you to experience a completely new style of play compared to other games on the market today. First, you have to customize your character to start the game. Choose the character that best suits your hobbies, because it will accompany you throughout the game experience. The game offers both male and female genders, making it easy for players to choose from.

Then, the navigation system will appear and help you get acquainted with the way the game operates quickly. Players need to stick to these basic guidelines for understanding the actions that Old School RuneScape brings, it will help a lot in the next adventure. The missions will appear constantly to make you have no time to rest, players need to work anytime anywhere to achieve what you want in this game.

Joining the gaming community is not a bad idea at all. It will help players to get acquainted with new friends, they will help you complete the seemingly impossible tasks. The chat system in RuneScape Old School is visually integrated, which will keep conversations between players in a continuous manner, ensuring cohesion between the gaming community.

Search for the ingredients you need

In the game experience, the main task of the player is to find valuable resources, it will help you acquire the necessary weapons or can be used as a trading object. Items such as shoes, costumes, shields, archery, etc. will become your companion in this game. They are essential items to increase the strength and defense of the character. In addition, players can explore new lands, challenge themselves by confronting giant monsters, and if they destroy them, will be rewarded with relative merit. Are you ready to master your own adventure in the Old School Runescape yet?

Classic graphic style

Coming to Old School RuneScape, you will enjoy the graphics style of decades ago. The game remains the same in terms of display quality compared to the first version, giving the player a close experience, but with many unique enhancements. The details in the game are not so sharp in terms of graphics, this will help players to experience the game on the low configuration device without the jerk and lag.

In addition, you can play games on multiple mobile platforms such as Android or iOS. It will help the Old School RuneScape players community to grow significantly, players can interact directly with each other through the gameplay style is built quite suitable.

The perfect replacement

Old School RuneScape is a perfect replacement for RuneScape – a game that has been very prominent and achieved a lot of success. Coming to this game, you will enjoy the relatively new and exciting experience, but still, retain the traditional style of play. Players can master their lives in the game, do what they want and discover the fun that the game brings. What are you waiting for? Download games now and enjoy.

Depending on your needs, you can download Old School RuneScape MOD APK or Old School RuneScape Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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