Latest Version2.6
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 10.0
MOD FeaturesFull Unlocked


Pokemon is an animated hit movie from Japan, which is tied to our children through a lively TV screen. For those who love this movie, surely will grieve when on the current gaming market has not appeared a game does reflect the identity of common Pokemon. In this article, I will introduce to you readers Nexomon (MOD, Full Unlocked), a game not really true about the Pokemon but promised to quench the thirst of players for so long. This game was developed by LIME TURTLE publisher on both Android and IOS, and it’s free to use, making it easy for you to get back to your childhood in the most lively way.

Fascinating storyline

The plot of the game mainly revolves around the peaceful land, after a long time without any threat, suddenly a disaster struck suddenly to this land. Omnicron, a monster of terrible power, appears and claims to be the king of this peaceful land. It brings strange creatures in order to eliminate humanity. Of course, a very fierce battle took place shortly after, humans could withstand their destructive power. This will give people more time to learn how to solve the problem, after a short time they have figured out how to clean these monsters and turn them into close allies. Homicidal monsters are nicknamed Nexomon, and thanks to their help, humans can confidently defeat the Omnicron. How will the game take place? Download the game and find out.

Search Nexomon

Before you start the game, you will have to choose your character. Nexomon brings seven characters to help players easily find their companion quickly, in accordance with their own style. In this world, players will be allowed to move freely without any dominance coming from the game. Your mission is to find and capture the game Nexomon scattered in every corner of the map. Each type of Nexomon gives you different strengths and characteristics. If you are lucky, you can find the rare types that have absolute power in the game. In addition, the game also allows you to move more easily thanks to modern means, which happens when you experience the game long enough and own a large amount of money.

Many different ecosystems

The game offers up to 300 different types of Nexomon, creating a diverse ecosystem that makes it easy for players to find and catch the monsters they love. However, you will have to learn the characteristics and power of each type of Nexomon, if you want to maximize their power. This makes you feel attracted by the simple but interesting gameplay of this game.

The game Nexomon will bring many different types of evolution, you can decide to turn them into real fighting machines through the upgrade system of the game. Remember that the higher the evolution, the more powerful their strength will increase through each stage, the new tactics that will help you a lot in each battle it.

Fight with opponents

After owning a quality Nexomon, you can compete with other players around the world. This is also the most popular feature on this game, you will enjoy the top battle in style of their own. First, you have to arrange an optimal team and set out the unique tactics to get defeated opponents quickly. Show them your talents and your thinking in this game.


If you are a Pokemon enthusiast, surely the game Nexomon will make you feel very excited when you experience it. With beautiful graphics, the images are lively and the new way of operating, promising to bring the battle is extremely monumental and dramatic. Too great is not it you, what are you waiting for Download Nexomon for Android / iOS free now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Nexomon MOD APK or Nexomon Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.