Name Neo Monsters
Publisher NTT Resonant
Size 98M
Latest Version 2.8
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 7.0
Price $0.99
MOD Features Unlimited Cost


RPG is a popular strategy game genre in the world, with most of the titles in the genre being developed on the mobile platform by the simplicity and character of it. There have been many successful RPGs like Avabel or Legion of Heroes. In this article, I will introduce the game Neo Monsters (MOD, Unlimited Cost) from the publisher of NTT Resonant Inc, a game that promises to bring new breath in the RPG market is showing signs of saturation. Neo Monsters is being developed on both the world’s largest operating systems, Android and IOS, at a $ 1 price per download. This is a reasonable amount to experience one of the top RPGs in terms of graphics and subtle play.

The plot is attractive

Neo Monsters background and the plot is quite similar to the popular cartoon Pikachu, where the player is transformed into a character with the ability to capture the animals in the game for the purpose of fighting. You will transform them into the most utilized insights, and become the most powerful beast. However, this is not easy, as you have to confront other players around the world. Do everything to conquer the throne in this game, by downloading the game and experiencing it now.

Easy monster control

Coming to Neo Monsters, players will be given detailed instructions on how to control the game through the built-in instructions. You will be acquainted with the story of the game by completing the tasks assigned, from simple to complex. Initially, it is possible to move freely within the scope of the game, in order to find the beast that fits his squad. They will give you different stats and strengths, which will help you to come up with a variety of tactics to fight with other opponents.

The context of Neo Monsters is huge, which means the beast will appear everywhere. In order to gain the most powerful beasts in the game, you must confront your fellow players around the world. Refer to your opponent before making a challenge, and they may quickly get you down.

Some attention

After gaining experience, as well as a team uniform. This is where you can join the battle with other players, to show off your skills and tactics. Take advantage of everything you can and make the right decision, in order to win. With over 140 built-in tasks, you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about anything. Control system in Neo Monsters is quite simple, the parameters are displayed visually through the game screen, making the player easy to manipulate and do everything you like. You will not take too much time to get used to this.

Upgrade Beast

Neo Monsters brings a huge variety of monsters. You can upgrade them to get more power and the shape changes after each upgrade, which will definitely make you feel excited while playing the game. Choose the monsters that match the tactics you have for upgrades beforehand, which will give you high performance and give you the advantage in every battle.

Graphics are suitable for all ages

The graphics of Neo Monsters are built in the familiar 3D style, like other RPG titles. The details in the game are a simple animated style that brings high efficiency, allowing players to easily integrate into the game world in vivid. The images are described in detail, vividly displaying friendly but extremely powerful beasts.


In general, Neo Monsters brings a new experience compared to the usual RPG. The game allows you to do everything without any constraints, which is a favorite of many players. Get involved in the beastly diverse and fascinating world right now. Overall, Neo Monsters is an exciting adventure game that you should try if you love the Pokemon game. Please select a version of the links below to download the game to your phone.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Neo Monsters MOD APK or Neo Monsters Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.