Name Mr Bullet
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 35M
Latest Version 3.2
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlocked


If you have ever downloaded and experienced games like Bad Piggies or Mr Bow on your mobile device, you should not ignore the appearance of Mr Bullet (MOD, Unlocked) – one of the latest products from the famous Lion Studios publisher. Basically, the gameplay of these games is relatively similar but possesses distinct points to make the player always feel the newness throughout the process of enjoying. Mr Bullet is a unique shooting game combined with intellectual elements that require players to apply their own thinking ability to overcome the built-in challenges. Specifically, you will need to carefully observe the target and aim the correct laser gun to take down the enemy and many other bad guys that you will meet at each level if you want to win. Please join us to learn about the two features of this extremely interesting game through the article below.

How to play is not too complicated

Basically, Mr Bullet‘s gameplay is relatively simple and does not require a lot of manipulation from the player during the experience. Initially, the player will receive the task of a spy, a hero or a talented police officer. In any position, you need to fight hard to destroy all the targets that are harmful to the world. Your opponents are extremely powerful who can be fierce Zombies, bad guys with skilled martial arts or even crafty spies.

In the game, players need to use accurate shooting skills and their logical thinking to defeat all bad guys in each level. Whether it’s a spy, agent, zombie, smuggling wood, aliens…They all have ambitions to dominate the world and only a master gunner can destroy them and rescue this planet from the threat they bring.

Some important notes

There are two factors that you need to put your interest in a gunfight in this game. The first thing is that your ammunition will be limited to different levels depending on the difficulty of each level, so you should not use your ammunition wastefully if you don’t want to lose. The second thing is the map element because the in-game map is changed through each a different game screen so you need to observe the terrain very carefully to gain an advantage before all opponents.

In certain levels, players need to fire bullets into walls to make bullets bounce and hit opponents or use bullets to push barrels to hit enemies or detonate bombs and mines. Each screen in Mr Bullet has a completely different solution, so you need to watch carefully to make the most appropriate decision in each situation. Keep in mind that the game’s currency is the number of stars you earn through each game. It is important that the player will receive the number of stars depending on the number of shots in the previous game, so use as few bullets as possible to get 3 stars in each level. With the number of stars accumulated, you can unlock new game modes and buy costumes to customize your character quickly.

Unlock new game screens

In this game, you will face a lot of powerful enemies. The most important thing is that each enemy will stand in a unique position and it is very difficult to hit. Do you have the ability to overcome the challenges that this game brings? Join Mr Bullet to confirm your marksmanship skill.

In addition to firing directly at the target, you must also find a way to get the bullet through the objects, causing them to fall or explode to kill the enemy. Create chain reactions and do whatever it takes to take down your goals as quickly as possible. In addition, players can unlock new game modes with the money they earn through each game screen.

For example, players can try the Hotstages mode – where you destroy all targets like Classic mode but don’t shoot the hostage. Or Grenades mode – where you throw grenades to kill enemies instead of using them. However, you can make yourself injured if using guns. Or Missions mode contains many random tasks with different rules.

Simple graphics

Like other games of the same genre, Mr Bullet has a relatively simple graphics quality and is very suitable for this puzzle game series. The color system and environmental quality in the game are also designed to be relatively fun, so it will not cause boredom for players to experience the game for a long time. The transition system in the game also works relatively smoothly and stably, so you can fully enjoy the game without any difficulty on a device whose configuration is not too high.


Whether you like to play shooter or fan of puzzle games, Mr Bullet will be a perfect challenge for you in the present time. It is one of the games that is considered to have a shooting mechanism combined with the best physics in the world today. With extremely attractive gameplay with a variety of play screen system, this game will definitely give players a lot of interesting surprises during the enjoyment process.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Mr Bullet MOD APK or Mr Bullet Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.