Name Monster Super League
Publisher FourThirtyThree
Size 64M
Latest Version 1.0.19082707
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Damage/Skills


With the relentless development of products in the gaming market, the quality of the games has been significantly improved, helping players to have extremely wonderful experience moments right on their phones. Monster Super League (MOD, Damage/Skills) is also among them, this is a game developed by the famous FourThirtyThree Inc publisher that promises not to disappoint you. This is a game developed in the style of virtual animal training combined with traditional card elements that help players freely explore all aspects that the game brings through attractive battles. What is special is that the context in the Monster Super League is copied from the famous POKEMON comic book from Japan. This is not the first time this series has been transformed into a game when there were very successful products before like POKEMON GO or Monster Go. Is this game really worth the experience? Please refer to this article to make the most accurate judgment.

Familiar gameplay

In the game Monster Super League, players will begin their journey by choosing a suitable character to accompany them during the game experience. Your mission is to try to find and collect all kinds of monsters that appear randomly on the way, through which you will discover different lands through the tasks that the game brings. In addition, players need to fight in order to win and train the Astromon to become their allies. In general, the gameplay of this game is not too different from other games of the same genre, making it easy for players to get acquainted in a short period of time.

Start the journey

After completing the character selection, you will begin your journey immediately through the built-in instructions. Players need to concentrate highly in this stage because it will help you a lot in understanding the special things that Monster Super League brings. Initially, you will be given a random Astromon to be able to fight with other opponents on the map. Of course, this will be a relatively weak animal because it has not been perfected by the skill system, so you need to earn the necessary items to carry out the upgrade for your pet.

During each battle, Astromon will automatically launch a move without any control from the player. This will help you focus on observing the match and easily understand the weaknesses that exist, thereby overcome in the next battle. In addition, Monster Super League brings 8 different lands to help players can unleash their limits through what the game brings. Try to win as many victories as possible to get the kind of Astromon that you love in the game.

Evolution of Astromon

The evolution system is something that cannot be ignored when talking about traditional POKEMON games, which will allow players to freely upgrade their pets to become more powerful through a few simple steps. You can recover, train and evolve new Astromon species when traveling through different lands. In addition, Monster Super League also brings Growth feature to make it easier for players to make their Astromon more powerful through instant upgrade and evolution.

Especially, each type of Astromon in the game possesses completely different skills, so you need to know their information before deciding to use in the battles that you participate in. Pay attention to their skills and choose the most suitable Astromon to optimize the power they bring.

Compete with other competitors

Monster Super League also brings fierce PvP battles, where you will be matched against other players around the world via an internet connection. Here, you will encounter a lot of powerful opponents and powerful Astromon. Try to play as hard as you can by creating unique tactics to win in all the battles you join. After each battle, the player can also receive a series of special rewards from the game.

Graphics are developed in anime style

Our next impression of this game is that its graphics are developed in the traditional Japanese anime style that promises to bring players once again back to childhood through these seconds of game experience. The visuals of the characters in the Monster Super League are relatively cute and extremely close, making the player feel friendly and comfortable right from the first time enjoying the game. Note, this game requires your device to be connected to the internet to be able to experience, so you need to make sure the line is stable if you don’t want to be interrupted during the game.

MOD Info

1. Mod Menu
2. Attack Multiplier (x1 ~ x1000)
3. Defense Multiplier (x1 ~ x1000)
4. Unlimited Skills
5. Always Your Turn

Monster Super League is a great product to experience

With what it brings, the Monster Super League is no less competitive than the games developed in traditional POKEMON style, even slightly better in some important respects. Players will join a virtual world extremely lively and bustling with other players around the world, thereby enjoying the battle with the extremely large scale to assert their talents. In addition, this game is also translated into a number of popular languages such as Japanese, English, Korean, … to help players easily approach and familiarize with the gameplay that it brings quickly.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Monster Super League MOD APK or Monster Super League Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.