Name Mobile Royale
Publisher IGG.COM
Size 63M
Latest Version 1.5.1
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.1
Price Free
MOD Features God Mode/High Damage


The outstanding development of current tactical style games makes the game market more exciting than ever. There have been many new products launched such as Langrisser or King Rivals to help players can easily enjoy the fierce battle combined with a high thinking way to gain victory. In this article, we will introduce to Mobile Royale (MOD, God Mode/High Damage) reader – the game promises to become one of the best products in the tactical genres in 2019. This is said to be a post-game of the game family Lords Mobile has received a lot of favorites from players around the world. Mobile Royale is a fantasy strategy game in which players will build and rule their own kingdom, with many interesting characters and storylines. Let us find out some highlights from this game right away.

The plot is relatively attractive

Join Mobile Royale, players will be taken to the fantasy land – where you become a talented leader who is carrying out the mission to develop the kingdom and protect the peace of the people. Of course, there will be many battles during the experience, so you need to fight with other lords to conquer and rule all the kingdoms in the game. This is a game that requires very high tactical elements so you need to change the way soldiers are arranged in each battle to gain an advantage over their opponents. Are you ready to do that? Join the game to prove your talent right away.

Build your own kingdom

Mobile Royale will allow you to build and develop your kingdom in the fantasy world of Hollandia. You can build structures and place them anywhere you want on your map without any constraints coming from the game. The special thing is that players can see their land developed from the Stone Age to the modern citadel, this will help you always feel the seamless and stable during the game enjoyment.

Basically, Mobile Royale’s gameplay revolves around players having to build their own cities, forming and leading the army to fight against enemies with various diverse races including people, goblins, dwarves, monsters, beasts, and ghosts. Each race has its own unique skills in battle, creating many interesting and interesting ways of fighting. You should consider carefully before choosing a race to be with you throughout the process of enjoying the game to always feel as interesting as possible.

Extremely simple gameplay

Like other games of the same genre, Mobile Royale possesses relatively simple gameplay and is suitable for many ages of players. You will have to upgrade buildings in your kingdom with materials available or have to collect through fierce battles. In addition, players can speed up the development as well as upgrade the building immediately by depositing money directly into the game so that it does not take time to wait.

In Mobile Royale, players will enhance their characters through complementary skills to help increase strength in each battle. Remember that each general in the game will have completely different skills and need to wait a little longer to continue using, so you need to make a very accurate decision to optimize the power that each skill brings.

Fight with other players around the world

Mobile Royale is a game that requires players to own devices with an internet connection to experience so you will be able to interact directly with other players around the world easily. This will create a lot of choices for players such as visiting the city of competitors, trading and exchanging resources with other players, joining guilds, forming alliances, … This will create get the interaction between players and create a strong community of gamers.

Join the guild to interact with players around the world, collaborate with other players to hunt down monsters, fight in real time to receive worthy rewards in this game now.

Quality beautiful 3D graphics

Mobile Royale‘s graphics quality is not inferior to other games of the same genre even more prominent in some respects. This game is equipped with extremely clear and vivid 3D graphics format, thereby successfully portraying fierce epic battles but equally attractive. Players will visit the fantasy world combined with details arranged in a harmonious way that will surely make you feel satisfied right from the first experience.

The end

Although Mobile Royale has just been released not too long ago, it has over 1,000,000 installations on Google Play and is still growing rapidly. This is quite understandable when this game brings a lot of outstanding advantages in important aspects such as attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, vivid sound quality, … thereby recreating the battle extremely intuitive and attractive. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game via App Store or Google Play to be able to immerse yourself in the great entertainment moments that this game brings immediately. In addition, the APK link below this article is also a wise choice.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Mobile Royale MOD APK or Mobile Royale Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.