Name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Publisher Moonton
Size 96M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 4.0.3, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features Radar Hack/Diamonds


According to some official information that received, in the World Market recently there is a super MOBA appear on the Mobile platform, the same as the Legendary Alliance on the PC. Known as the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Esports MOBA), this unique and fascinating game is likely to be a hit in October. The game is exclusively published by Shanghai Moonton Technology Company on the Google Play and AppStore charts. Currently, Mobile Legends game is available on two major platforms, Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad), for free. And now, let’s discover some outstanding features in this MOBA Mobile Legends with.

Introducing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – The really tactical Esports MOBA game on mobile

Although it has only been released for less than a week, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MOD, Radar Hack/Diamonds) is making billions of gamers around the world shaken and boil passionately. You also know that the game titles under the League of Legends, the majority are an alluring wind. Moreover, Mobile Legends game is proving not to be inferior to its predecessors. The 5vs5 battle system is still quite familiar, there will be no new surprise for gamers.

Start the fight MOBA

Joining the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can select one of the generals with each person’s preferences. According to testers, the game has now updated over 30 powerful and special-skilled generals. With many different types of combat, the map system is still based on LMHT, but there is something outstanding. The game is quite easy to play, so everyone can join the fight to confirm their level.

Considered to be an Esports MOBA mobile electronic game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will give you a unique and unique experience. Joining the intense combat system through the come-out bass phase, require players to have a sublime action and reflex. Along with the mix of tactfully with your teammates, you can win in every top flight.

MOBA classic gameplay

In less than 10 seconds, you can find a match. The match of the game takes place in the form of a 5vs5 match. This means that you along with nine players will be matched to a match. Map of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is divided into three main lanes. You can select one of five familiar roles.

  • Top Lane: The confrontation between gladiators, heavy tankers. This position gives priority to generals who are capable of independent combat. In combat, they are leaders, having the role of opening a fight or simply pushing.
  • Jungle: In addition to the three main lanes, the forest area of the map is also very important, directly affecting the outcome of the game. You can clear the forest monster, then go gank, putting pressure on other lanes. A jungle is responsible for the resources in the forest.
  • MID Lane: Besides to jungle, the mid lane is also very important. This is where the skills of the AP hero or assassin are showed. Mid lane player can carry a team easier. If they have the advantage, they can put pressure on the whole map, snowball enemies to bring victory.
  • AD Carry: One of two players at Bot Lane. Ad carry players are the ones who deal with physical damage, have a range of attack farther than other heroes. They have the potential to cause much damage in combat but require strict protection because it is easy to “evaporate”. So AD carry can’t be lack of support players.
  • Support: Who protects AD carry or cause more cc in combat. They are generally capable of buff HP, mana to their comrades or possessing hard cc skills.

Design and sound

Graphically, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang owns the 4D graphics platform, adopting the most advanced development technology in the world today. From the gorgeous and gorgeous graphical interface, it has created a new and unique look, which is a fascinating point that makes every hero in the product. The music system is always flying through every single pig of the player, pretty and outstanding, which will signal the withdrawal or attack of your teammates.


What’s new in the latest version v1.4.09?

1. New General Guinevere debut
2. Add the hierarchy of Survival
3. Add feature friends note
4. Optimize 5v5 map [Palace on Clouds]
5. Add new equipment

What is the KDA in this game?

KDA is an indicator of Kills / Deaths / Assists. A good player will have good KDA and vice versa.

Can I play this game on PC?

Mobile Legends only supports Android and iOS, but you can still play games on PC or Mac. With the support of Bluestacks or Nox Player emulator software, you can also play many other games.

I want to hack Mobile Legends, can I be banned?

Hack, cheating can make you banned from competition. Whether or not it is prohibited depends on your usage.

The end

If you are a loyal fan of the MOBA 5Vs5 strategy game, do not miss the opportunity to experience Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Join the game now, to prove yourself as a player no less than anyone. In this super-product of the publisher Moonton, there is a system of rankings for all players to rank and climb, will create the most intense competition through each game. Especially for every season, the Moonton distributor also organizes Esports MOBA tournaments for all gamers in the world arena.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MOD APK or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.